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How to listen YouTube background with another application open

YouTube is one of the platforms of content most varied in the world, and it is easy to find tutorials, television programs , and –of course– the latest music videos from your artists favorite. But not always look. Many times, the only thing we want to do is listen to YouTube in the background, while we get on with other tasks. And clear: close the application YouTube stops playing the video or song in question. But, if you didn’t know, there are some solutions quite simple that will allow you to continue listening to a video in the background while you continue with other things. In addition, it is quite simple. Here’s how to listen to YouTube in background with another open app, both in iOS as in Android.

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The Network is dead – Premium is the future. YouTube Network used to be the official way in which YouTube allowed you to close the application and continue listening, but that service has been dropped in favor of YouTube Premium. Fortunately, there is not much difference between the two in regards to our needs. Still saves you from ads on desktop computers and mobile devices, gives you access to exclusive videos, lets you download and –of course!– it also allows users to continue listening after you turn off the screen of your phone, or browse in a different application. YouTube Premium also gives access without advertising, to YouTube Music, the replacement of Google Play Music, giving you the option to turn off the screen in that application. Does the trap? Obvious: the money. YouTube Premium will cost you $12 dollars a month, or $18 for a family membership of up to six members.

Android iOS

Playback of videos in some browsers (iOS)

It is possible to turn off the screen and continue listening to YouTube with the Center of Control of Apple, so yes, with certain browsers to avoid the restrictions of YouTube. Firefox and Opera Touch are two browsers that will definitely work with this method, though we recommend that you also try this with another browser iOS you prefer.

It works like this:

Step 1: first, go to YouTube from the browser of your choice.

Step 2: then, look for the chosen video.

Step 3: once you have found and open the video you want to view, switch to the desktop version of the site. Note: this will vary according to the browser you’re using, but usually is accessed from the button Options at the top right, followed by a tap on the option of the desktop Site.

Step 4: start video playback.

Step 5: now, return to the home screen and slide up to view the control Center.

Step 6: you should be able to press the button Play (Play) to continue watching your video even when the screen is off.

Eye, that will probably not be able to turn it off again from the Control Center, but you’ll be able to access the browser again to stop the video.

Playing the video in Chrome or Firefox

Play videos in the background using an Android device can be done so much with Firefox as with Chrome. You can use any browser, but your version of Chrome should be version 54 as a minimum.

Step 1: Launches Firefox or Chrome as you normally would and go to YouTube

Step 2: Navigate to the video you want to play

Step 3: Go to the settings menu, by pressing the three points that are located at the top right of the window. After that, tap on “Require site to desktop”.

Step 4: Start playing the video and press the home button to close the browser. If the video stops playing while using Chrome, you can slide the notification bar and pressing “play”.


Mode picture-in-picture in Android Oreo and later

This seems a bit misleading, since this is not an application at all. Android 8.0 Oreo, the penultimate version of the Google mobile operating system, it supports the mode “picture-in-picture” (picture-in-picture), popping up a window display in thumbnail when browsing outside of YouTube. This window can be dragged anywhere on the screen and touch to zoom in or to access the playback controls.

I used to be a feature restricted to only subscribers of the YouTube Network, but with the introduction of YouTube Premium, Google has begun to offer this mode picture-in-picture YouTube also to non-subscribers. However, it will not work with content classified as music, so you’ll still have to pay for that.

You can check what version of Android you have in Settings> About phone> Android version (this order may vary on some phones), or checking if your phone has Android Oreo.

Plays videos with Awesome Pop-Up (only on Android)

We have to mention an app called Awesome Pop-up video, together with its counterpart Premium. The second allows you to play videos over 5 minutes long. We suggest you to watch first the free version so that you know if you like the software. Both versions work the same way and play the video you want in a pop-up window while you do other things in the cell.

Step 1: Go to YouTube in your Android phone

Step 2: Navigate to the video you want to play in the background and copy the URL.

Step 3: Copy the URL in the app and tap the icon to the right.

Step 4: Close the app and the video and it immediately appears as a small pop-up window (pop-up).


*Article updated on July 22, 2019 by Estefania Oliver

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