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How to connect Chromecast to the tv in a hotel room

The Chromecast from Google is a transmitter practical and useful. It is a great way to access videos and movies from Netflix, to offer your favorite music and even share photos from your mobile phone. Since it is so small, would not it be fantastic to take it and connect to Chromecast in the tv room of a hotel during your vacation or business trips? A lot of people do, and when it works, it is like wearing the device at home. Unfortunately, due to the differences in how the hotels operate their Wifi networks and your tv, turn on Chromecast on your tv from a hotel room is not always easy and, unfortunately, sometimes is impossible. But before you throw in the towel and be satisfied with your laptop, we will explain step by how to connect Chromecast to the tv in a hotel room, what to look for and how to troubleshoot some of the most common problems. Let’s do it!

You need to:

Step 1: Find the HDMI port on the tv in the hotel

Debes encontrar un puerto HDMI para conectar Chromecast en el televisor de la habitación de un hotel
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This first step is critical to use Chromecast on the tv in a hotel room. The tv should have a HDMI port that you can access, otherwise the game is over. Check the sides of the tv or the back, if you put access to it. Entries must be clearly labeled as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc As you review, check to see if an HDMI cable is already connected. If so, you may have to disconnect it in the next steps. If you found any free port, plug in your Chromecast.

Step 2: Find a source of energy

Una fuente de energía siempre es útil para mantener cargado tu Chromecast

Your Chromecast needs a power source, of course. The USB cable that comes with it is designed to deflect the energy of an available USB port on a tv, but as not all tvs have one, you should also carry a USB wall adapter. If there is a USB port on the tv, look for one on the desktop or in a nearby outlet. Given that the tv needs energy, the power outlet should not be far away, but the accessibility could be a problem, so we hope that you have an alternative close by.

Step 3: Change entries

Utiliza el control remoto para cambiar las entradas de tu televisor y activar la señal de Chromecast

The time came to turn on the tv and see if you can change the source to HDMI input to use your Chromecast. The remote control may have a button input, but often the hotel will exchange for one’s own that prevents the change. If this is the case, check out the tv: most of the models have an input selector on the side of the power and volume buttons, usually on the back panel or on the edge. If you are successful, you should see the configuration screen the default Chromecast on the tv.

If you have problems to change the entries (perhaps because the tv does not allow it), it is time to try plan B: if you saw a cable plugged into an HDMI port on the step 1, unplug it and intercámbialo for your Chromecast. Of course, this means that you will lose tv channels from your hotel, but you can always change it back.

Step 4: Log In!

¡Listo! Si todo marchó bien, deberías ver el televisor la pantalla de Chromecast

If you have arrived until here, this is (hopefully) the last step. Assuming that the Wifi of your hotel has a standard configuration, that is to say, from your phone or tablet connect to the access point of Wifi with the password provided. If you haven’t done so already, download the free application from Google Home of the app store. Start the application and follow the instructions to set up your Chromecast on the same Wifi network. You should be able to enjoy your favorite series.

Step 5: Problems of Wifi

Unfortunately, many times it’s not so easy. Many hotels use a web-based interface for access to Wifi, and for the moment, Chromecast is simply incompatible with that system. However, there are alternative solutions, and if you feel that you have been a guru of internal technical support, worth a try.

Create your own Wifi access point

  • If you have a laptop with Windows 10, you can share your Wifi connection with a smartphone as with Chromecast.
  • You can do the same on a laptop with MacOS, but only if you can connect to an access point, Ethernet in the hotel room, which is becoming less and less frequent.
  • While on an iOS device with mobile data connection 4G you can also create a Wifi access point, this will not only drain your precious mobile data, but that it is also quite tiring for the battery of the phone. In addition, you’ll need a third device with the application Google Home.
  • Some Android smartphones can be configured to share your Wifi connection without the need for mobile data. We have never tried it, but worth a try. Another option is to try an app such as Netshare, which allows the same on any device with Android 6 or later.

Use a router to travel, preferably with WISP mode

A router travel offers the most reliable way to create a Wifi access point to share with devices in your hotel room. Many of them can be found on Amazon or in other stores, and usually cost less than $75.

Some require access to an Ethernet connector, which, as mentioned, are becoming less frequent. A model that can be run in bridge mode, or WISP (Internet service Provider wireless, for its acronym in English) will allow you to log into the hotel Wifi and then share it as a Wifi network normal, with a name and password of your choice.

One more thing…

If none of these options work, or if you simply do not want to mess around with the HDMI ports and the points of connection Wifi, it is possible to not have to carry your Chromecast. More and more hotels are installing systems that are compatible with Chromecast, as RoomCast. If your hotel has it, all you need is your phone, tablet or laptop.

Use your Chromecast on the tv of a hotel room is just one of the many interesting features of this device. We invite you to review our guide of tips and tricks Chromecast for you to see what other things you can do with this powerful device.

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