How to configure Windows Hello to protect your computer and files

Thanks to Windows Hello, to unlock and sign in to your Windows devices is much easier and safer. Since the feature ID Face available in the iPhone phones or scanners, fingerprint and face of the Android devices, text passwords are becoming a thing of the past. If you still don’t know how to configure Windows Hello, you explain it.

Set up a web camera on Windows Hello

Step 1: verify the compatibility

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Verifica la compatibilidad de tu equipo
How to configure Windows Hello | Check the compatibility of your computer Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

Before you set up Windows Hello, you must make sure that your device supports this function. The more new as the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop or Surface Book are compatible with Windows Hello. Usually you will receive a configuration message the first time you log in to these devices. If for some reason you missed, you can follow these steps to configure it.

Microsoft has a list of devices that support Windows Hello, but you can also check the native support your PC, navigating to the menu Start and typing Windows Hello. Then click on the result Options to login and open the settings app of Windows 10. In previous versions of Windows, if you see a button Set up below where it says Windows Hello, you’ll be able to start. If this option is not displayed, it is possible that your device is not compatible with the function.

In the update of Windows 10 may 2019 and later, you’ll be able to select the option for Windows Hello Face at the top of the list. If the message appears to Configure when you click, you’re ready to start the process. Otherwise, you will need to connect a fingerprint reader and / or external web camera compatible with Windows Hello.

If your device does not include a web camera, you can buy an external one compatible with Windows Hello, like the Logitech 4K, and connect it to your computer via a USB port. You can also buy a fingerprint reader external.

Step 2: verify the identity

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Verifica tu identidad
How to configure Windows Hello | Verify your identity Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

Then, you will need to click on the button Configure. You will receive a message that explains what makes Windows Hello, and then you’ll have to press Start.

Windows 10 will be asked to verify your identity with your existing password. It may be to your Microsoft account or the pin that you have assigned to the device.

Step 3: scanning the face

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Escanea tu cara
How to configure Windows Hello | Scan your face Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

When you verify your identity with the message configuration, you’ll need to scan in your face. You have No need to take off the glasses or change the lighting. Windows Hello is designed to read your face in any condition, although it is better to make sure to be in a well-lit room.

In addition, try to keep the face centered in the frame and look directly at the webcam while Windows 10 it analyzes your facial features. You will see a blue box around your face, which will fill up to show you the progress of the configuration. You can also notice that appear in circles around your face, marking your features. The process should not take more than a minute.

Step 4: improve the recognition (if necessary)

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Mejora el reconocimiento
How to configure Windows Hello | Improves the recognition Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

If necessary, you can click on the message, Improving recognition in the next page, to optimize the way in which Windows Hello will recognize your face.

This is recommended if you use glasses or if you have a piercing. You can always do this later by returning to the configuration of Windows Hello as described above, by clicking on the button to Improve recognition.

To configure a fingerprint reader

Step 1: connect the reader and install the drivers

If your device has a fingerprint reader internal, you can proceed directly to step 2.

Otherwise, you’ll need to install an external one. First, connect the fingerprint reader to the USB port of your computer. Let Windows 10 install drivers, and then continues with the next step.

This process should not take more than two minutes.

Step 2: configure the fingerprint reader

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Configura el lector de huellas
How to configure Windows Hello | Configure the fingerprint reader Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

Then, you will have to go to the Windows configuration 10 to configure the fingerprint reader. As in the previous steps, you have to go to the start menu and typing “Fingerprint”.

Select to Configure the login with the fingerprint from the list of results. Then, you should be taken to the page of the main configuration.

Step 3: slide your fingers on the reader

Cómo configurar Windows Hello | Desliza tus dedos
How to configure Windows Hello | Slide your fingers Arif Bacchus/ Digital Trends

Once in the Windows setup Hello, you’ll need to verify your identity with a pin or password. Then you will receive a message with an explanation of how it works Windows Hello. Click until you see the button Start. When the pressures, you’ll need to slide your finger over the reader to that Windows 10 recognizes the data of your fingerprint.

In the portable more old, you’ll have to slide your finger over the reader, but in the newer ones, you will only have to touch your toes approximately six times on the sensor. If desired, it is possible to add extra fingers to Windows Hello. Or you can also go back to the settings page main to add them later.

Advantages of Windows Hello

When you have configured Windows Hello, you will have several benefits. In the first place, you’ll be able to login immediately on your PC, without having to enter a password. In addition, with the most recent versions of Windows 10, you can also use Windows Hello, to log in to certain web sites, as the Microsoft page.

Finally, there are certain applications that are compatible with Windows Hello, like Dropbox, OneDrive, OneLocker Password Manager, among others. With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to protect not only your PC, but also your files and applications.

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