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Hisense Spain: “The network 5G will allow us to see 8K, they simply lack the content”

A half-century. It says soon, but the truth is that in 50 years can pass so many things, and if you don’t tell that to brands like Hisense. The asian giant has conquered China, but in their quest to go “from local to global,” also wants to fall in love with other markets, such as the european and the Spanish. And who better to explain the plans and the milestones of the firm José Barrachina, the commercial director of consumer electronics for Hisense Iberia.

entrevista jose barrachina hisense

Jose, how resumirías these 50 years of Hisense?

“At this time, we have gone from being a local company, to be a global company. We have added more brands to our portfolio and we are present in more countries. But our goal is the same: to offer a product luxurious, with very good performance and design, but that is affordable. What we try is to offer innovation with all the possibilities.”

And what are the latest innovations that would you say about Hisense?

“In terms of products, the IFA 2019 Berlin , we have introduced more models with our technology, ULED XD I sincerely believe that is going to change the rules of the game. War between OLED and LED. Because ULED XD you have the best of the LED technology and also of the OLED technology. So we come, almost, almost, pure black and perfect and with a lightness amazing. The result is a product with a very high image quality and with large-inch at competitive prices. In addition, we have presented this technology both in 4K and in 8K”.

Are we talking about tvs 8K?

“At fairs like the IFA, what we see in reality are the trends of the market. To where industry is going. Although it is true that sometimes the manufacturers let something faster than the content industry, in relation with 4K and 8K, the truth is that with the network 5G, it’s all going to change. The network 5G will enable us to see 8K, only need the contents. Technology 5G is going to be able to carry more information faster and in quality 8K and tvs 8K”.

Why Hisense has wanted to enter also in the industry of smartphones?

entrevista jose barrachina hisense ifa 3

“The truth is that the mobile market has given a brutal change in recent years with the emergence of several competitors, especially chinese. And as we want the user to interact with the brand Hisense in all the senses, the phone comes to complete our offer. We do not seek to be a top player, but to expand our catalog. We want the user to be able to have a tv Hisense, an oven Hisense and a phone Hisense. We are a company cross. We are not a company monogama. We have a catalog of very wide, and with a lot of innovation. Our proposal of smartphones is based on solid products, and robust, of high quality, with great capabilities in terms of battery and also with big screens”.

How do you see the future of tvs?

entrevista jose barrachina hisense ifa 2

“Because I see that there are two paths. One has to do with the hardware and other software. It is increasingly important to what the user can do with the televisory , therefore, we have created this separate company, a content company, to develop the operating system VIDAA U, in order to adapt to the new connectivity solutions of the future. On the one hand, are the contents and hence the stake of Hisense is strong and solid with content global, but also local. And, on the other hand, is the integration of the software with the hardware, that is to say, our tvs with our new operating system. Our next step is to develop still more the system of content VIDAA U to become creators of content at a global level”.

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