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Here are the best apps for watch Android

Las mejores apps para tu reloj Android

Currently, there are many applications available for a smart watch that works with Android Wear. However, here are the best apps for watch Android.

It is worth noting that, the application that we added in this list are those that we consider most useful for your wrist, because with them you can be entertained, track your fitness, help you find fun things to do, etc

Therefore, these are our favorite apps for Android Wear, starting with some that have been enhanced for Android Wear 2.0. The majority, however, still rely on a smart phone, but some offer functionality that is separate.

It Bring! Grocery Shopping List

Bring is the implementation of list of shopping ideal for your watch Wear YOU. With this simple application, you can create groups of friends, family or colleagues and share shopping lists for different events. In addition, it is extremely easy to add products via icons labeled, and you can even add your own photos.


Infinity Loop

Most of the games to watch smart are frustrating, due to the limited amount of space on the screen, however, this game works perfectly on your wrist. Infinity Loop is a simple puzzle and relaxing that you can do while waiting at the bus stop or in line at the supermarket.



If you believe that you make video calls from your wrist with your smart watch is practical and even fun, then you need to download Glide. Although you must install it on your paired phone for that to work, once you do, you’ll be able to receive and view video messages on your wrist How you wanted to! In addition, you can also send audio and video if your clock has a front camera.



With this app you can send voice messages or text, explore your history, or create group chats. In addition, it has been updated for Android Wear 2.0. and it supports emojis, stickers and some issues.

Google Play


This is an application for the health-conscious, which keeps track of the intake of food and water to help you achieve the right balance. You can set your goals of personal health and Lifesum will guide you with a personalized plan that includes, in addition, tips and exercises.

Google Play


If you want an alternative to Google Fit, Strava worth. Is available in the Android Wear 2.0 as a standalone application that can track your runs and other sporting activities. If you’re on a bike or in motion do not worry because you can leave your phone at home and will continue to record your progress.

Google Play


With a new design for Android Wear 2.0, Foursquare is one of the easiest ways to find good places to eat, drink and have fun in the city you’re in. It works without the need of the phone, and you can filter the searches using different categories to find the exact place.

Google Play


Did you miss the last train? Well, don’t worry because you can now book an Uber directly from your watch Android. This is a standalone application for your smart watch that will allow you to apply for an auto, check the progress of the driver and get estimates of time. And do not need to use the phone if you don’t want.

Google Play


Stocard not only allows you to scan all the cards for that are accessible on a single mobile application, but, in addition, it works with your watch to Android Wear. This means that you only need to let the cashier scan your watch, instead of using the physical cards or your smart phone, or buy something and even be able to access the gym.

Google Play Amazon

Google Slides

You can now use your smartwatch Android Wear to remotely control your slides. The only problem is that first you must “cast” your slides on a screen enabled for Chromecast or present in a video call, before your watch is transformed into a remote control.

Google Play


Let’s face it, application developers are not readers of mind that they know exactly what functions you need to each person, so that “If This Then That” -a meta-application – lets you create “recipes” that link two unrelated applications to create an action. For example, you can instruct the application to send a copy of every photo you take with your phone to your watch Android.

Google Play Amazon


Do you have any plans for the weekend? You’re sure to find someone interesting on Tinder. With the app of dating on your watch (Android Wear you’ll be able to see the users of this network, the notification of a new “matches”, as well as reply to messages and other functions. You can even use your voice to tell Google that you open Tinder on your smartwatch.

Google Play

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

If you forget to take the medication, sure that you would like to receive notifications for this not to happen ever again. It is now possible with this app, though you will have to spend a little time to introduce each pill, including its color and form – in the mobile application the first time you open it, but it will be worth it when your watch vibrates and notifies you the medication and accurate dosage you need to take.

Google Play Amazon


Do you want to know who sings the song that is playing, but you don’t have your phone to hand? Don’t worry, because now Shazam is fully compatible with Wear OS, which means that you’ll only need to hold to lift your wrist and ready, song identified! In addition, this application will be able to show you the lyrics of that song, so that you can vocalizarla to the entire lung, without losing the rhythm.


Wear Audio Recorder

Have you ever recorded a conversation with your phone? Without a doubt it is a very useful feature and the best thing is that it is now available for your smart watch. With this application you can record and save quickly audio messages, whether it be a reminder to buy milk later or an important conversation that you record it.


Water Drink Reminder

Despite the fact that we know that water is life and health and that we must also drink at least two litres every day, most of us forget to include the vital fluid in our day-to-day. But do not worry, because now has come Water Drink Reminder to remind yourself.

This smart app will set and remind you of the intervals of the day as you drink water according to your weight, the duration of the day and the size of the cup. So when you hear that gentle reminder, there is no excuse to drink water!


Calendar for Android Wear

Do you have bad memory? do you need to write down all your commitments on a calendar? Then you need to download Calendar for Android Wear on your smart watch. This app provides you with a simple Agenda, but what is most important is that it is an easy way to take a look at a full calendar without taking out your phone.


Feel The Wear

Do you like your custom devices? Then Feel The Wear you are interested in. This application changes the vibration default and boring that issued your smart watch in the majority of the notifications and messages. Which means that, with it, you can customize a “tone” of the vibration for each type of notifications, and thus to be able to differentiate your messages without the need of looking at your watch.



Without a doubt, Eat24 is an easy way to order food. This application for your smart watch offers a list of local restaurants that support find or deliver your order to your door.

But if you’re in those days that you don’t want to, nor observe the choices of local food, don’t worry, there’s an option that will help you to simplify the process. Through Eat24 to see the recent orders and get notifications on your deliveries, and other information at a glance from the application.


Wear Mini Launcher

Instead of scrolling through your applications as if you were sitting in a drawer (which is the default), Wear Mini Launcher gives you an option hex more original. In addition, with this application you can also navigate quickly to other settings, such as the level of brightness of your smart watch, alarm modes, and other settings.


Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is an extension of the amazing application of the same name that is available for phones, but now it is much more practical.

Formerly this application charge of monitoring your sleep patterns, it was only available on your phone, but now with the incorporation of the same in your smart watch, meaning you don’t have more sleep with your phone on the bed and you’ll be able to charge it all night, as the clock does its job.


Authenticator Plus

If you use two-factor authentication for your Google account, then Authenticator Plus is a must. This application saves a copy of your keys of two factors on your smart watch and is linked through the application Authenticator Plus to your smart phone.

This means that you can get codes for two-factor authentication without having to pull out your smart phone. The only thing you have to do is look at your watch in a discreet way and easy. Your codes will always be at your fingertips, and with the two-factor authentication, your accounts will be safer than ever.


mejores apps reloj android level up

LevelUp is a unique way to pay friends, buy drinks or sweets and much more. The payment service processes all through QR codes, unlike NFC or other technologies. This means that LevelUp works on almost any device that has at least one screen, including your smart watch Android. You can easily get a QR code loaded directly on your smart watch, with which you can pay without having to break your wallet or your phone. Only a movement of your wrist, and you’re done.


Google Keep
mejores apps reloj android 2

Keep is easily one of the best apps for taking notes that are there. Designed for quick reminders and shopping lists, Keep is a service notes that Google takes those same lists and information directly to your wrist.

It is worth to note that this app will be synced across all devices where you sign in with your Google account. It is an easy way to track your progress in the grocery store, without constantly reviewing a smart phone or a list of handwritten.


Wear Store for Wear Apps
mejores apps reloj android 3

Last, but not least, we have to take into account how difficult it is to use the application store Wear OS from Google. Many applications are lost in the confusion, as some applications are exclusive to the operating system Wear, and other are normal applications with the additional functionality of the operating system Wear.

The Wear Store is a store third-party who helps sort all of that chaos. In comparison with the store Wear OS, this app store is much more useful to find new apps for smartwatch Android, and is a better option to obtain and listen to feedback, as well as to be attentive to the latest and greatest application watches smart that are launched every week.


*Updated November 9, 2018 by Maria Teresa Lopes.

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