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Hackers can take control of your TV, warns the FBI

“Hackers can take control of your tv”. What tends to be a warning of companies and security analysts have taken a new face, given that the has been issued the FBI’s office in Portland, Oregon.

As reminded the agency of criminal investigation of the Department of Justice of the united States, criminals “can turn on the camera and the microphone of the tv in your room and harass silently”.

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In the best of cases, will be able to “change channels, play with the volume and show them to your children inappropriate videos”, based on the document on the security risks associated with that class of devices.

Despite the serious —and not least some— of the alert, the chances of becoming a victim are low. In addition, as almost everything in life, there are also intermediate solutions, so that you must not run to disconnect it or find the documentation to bring it back to the local where you purchased.

Based on the recommendations that Samsung posted on Twitter for users to update the antivirus software of your tv, Digital Trends explored the security risks associated with these devices.

Among other discoveries, the site determined that the risk of hackers entering to your home where you least expect it are minimal, always and when you buy a smart tv from a reputable brand and keep up to date the software.

Security weaknesses in the hardware and the software have the bad habit of passing by unnoticed for years, which often gives the criminals many opportunities to exploit them, so there’s no let down our guard.

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Below, we tell you how to stay safe:

  • Read and be sure you understand the usage policies of your smart tv. If there is an automatic update function for the firmware, check. Otherwise, check monthly for new versions.
  • If the manufacturer does not ship updates of security software for your computer, consider buying a new one.
  • If, strangely, your tv has a camera, consider using a cover physical front of the lens when not in use.
  • Espionage or sabotage are the only concerns with the smart tvs: a risk less well known is the tracking of your activity.

However, a greater danger in general for your cyber security focuses on the domestic network. Make sure of the following:

  • Your router (router) for wifi, you must use a secure password chosen by you, not the one that came by default from the factory.
  • Keep your computer updated with the latest firmware. If much time has passed since issuance of the last, think of a new one, but that is a mark reputed.

What you are not enough this package of measures? Unplugging the Ethernet cable from your tv, or disable your wifi connection. If you do, it will become a regular tv, but you might as well connect streaming devices more secure, such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

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