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Guide to the best gifts for this Valentine’s

The 14 of February, for many, is the day to remember who we want there is still time for the details and the samples of affection of all kinds. For this reason, we offer in this guide are some ideas of the best gifts for Valentine’s day; there are options for all tastes and budgets.

Romantic dinner and flowers

If you’ve decided that you need your partner on Valentine’s day is not something material, you should try then with some pretty flowers.

Do you think that it has been a long time since I do not enjoy a dinner at a nice restaurant just the two of us, or that we will not kitchen something delicious? So take this time and make a reservation with OpenTable or use any of the best apps for Valentine’s day that we have to offer.

The smartwatch perfect

Una persona tiene en su muñeca el Apple Watch Series 5, uno de los mejores relojes inteligentes del mercado.

But in the case of that this year your budget may be a little more relaxed, then you can decantarte by a Apple Watch Series 5, that has as its main features, its Retina display always active and finishes to suit all tastes.

Another interesting option, more accessible, is the Huawei Watch GT 2. Stands out for its autonomy, almost two weeks, customization options, and storage up to 500 songs.

Huawei Watch GT 2 sobre la muñeca de un usuario
Estefania Oliver/Digital Trends, in Spanish

A bofce smart

If your partner likes to play with devices in the home, then you need a speaker intelligent home. A excellent recommendation is the Amazon Echo of the third generation, which plays audio in 360 degrees and responds to various voice commands.

Nueva Amazon Echo de tercera generación sobre una mesa

The same Amazon, there is also the Echo Dot third generation, available with a LED screen that displays the time and outside temperature. In addition, it can be paired with another Echo Dot of the same type to have stereo sound.

If you are more of the Google team, then your option is the new Nest Mini, more powerful than its predecessor and with a new design that allows mounting on virtually any wall. With a simple voice command, you can indicate that play your favorite music.

Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini

Chocolates for chocolatiers

If your partner is addicted to chocolate, then you should not have many problems in brighten the day of St. Valentine. For example, let your taste buds enjoy the time with an assortment of belgian chocolates from Leonidas. I love them!

A good dose of entertainment

But if what they want is to stay at home enjoying a good movie or series, and still do not have a subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu , or HBO, what do you expect to treat yourself with one or several of them?

Pareja disfrutando de Netflix en su cama

In the event that they are more lovers of rhythms, how to count in with your own account of payment through the platform leader in music streaming? Spotify Premium Duo allows each of you to have your own Premium account, with a lower cost than pay for them separately.

In countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru and Panama, is available this mode.

But if what you like most about your partner are the video games, then you’ll scratch a little more, or rather, the pocket for you to get a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One’s or PS4.

Finally, there is the option of enjoying a love story interactive. Florence, a video game about relationships, coming this February 13 to Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac, just to have a Valentine’s day to remember.

*Updated by Luis Miguel Paredes on the 10 of February of 2020.

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