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Google Maps launches “Follow”, so that you can keep up with offers and events

google maps funcion follow

In addition to finding directions or traffic information, Google Maps lets you share your location with others, which facilitates the meeting with friends and family. And now, you’ll be able to find a little more personalized information. After you have given your users the ability to also share the battery level along with its location, now Google deployed another feature within the application.

The last deployment is a function called “Follow” (follow) to locations that will provide you with updates on local events and deals available in stores and your favorite restaurants, in addition to notifying you about new locations that will open soon.

“Have you ever arrived at your favorite store only to discover that you may have missed great deals? Or perhaps, you are always the last of your friends to know about the new places of fashion in the city,” the company said in its official blog to introduce this new feature. “With more than 150 million places in Google Maps and million people looking for places where to be entertained, we made two updates to make it even easier for you to keep up to date with the places that interest you, and discover what will come soon”.

The button “Follow” is being rolled out initially in the regions where it is available the tab “For You”, but Google says that soon there will be more countries where users will be able to receive a feed with interesting locations, and other customized maps funcion follow 1
On the other hand, if you want to know how to share your location on Google Maps with your friends, family, or people you trust, all you need to do is click on the location you want on the map to place a pin. Then, tap the address section at the bottom of the screen to expand it, and choose the button “Share” (Share). When you do this, your location appears on the map of the person you’ve sent, and will be able to follow the directions to the place, or know where you are.

This function is particularly useful for those who are concerned about their security when, for example, come home late, driving in uncharted regions, or go out for a run or a bike ride to a rural area and I would like to have someone watching out for his career. It also serves to everyone in a group know where you are when you’re on the way to some party or meeting.

In a note for privacy, the new function stops automatically share your location with those you selected once you get to your destination. Although location sharing has been available with other apps like Waze and Glympse for some time, add it to Google Maps, the maps application most popular in the world, it certainly offers a greater convenience for users.

If you are looking to get even more out of Google Maps, we recommend that you review our practical guide, which offers numerous tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

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