Google celebrates its 21st anniversary with a doodle and… get discounts!

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What 21 years of Google? How time flies and even though you do not believe, it is real. The giant of Mountain View blows 21 candles on her birthday cake. And is that the September 27, 1998, the Stanford students Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page published a paper on a possible search engine.

As you know, what were the withs of a product that would change our lives forever.

Since Google have celebrated as best they know and two-fold: on the one hand, by dedicating a doodle to a date as indicated in that it can be an old computer into what looks like a watercolor with the above-mentioned date, but on the other hand, have wished that you, too, celebrate your particular holiday with a few generous discounts on your shop european. Applying the code B‑GOOGLE21 , and within 24 hours, you will benefit from a discount of 21 percent on all products in the store, except Stay.

As you remember in an entry, a commemorative post on the official blog of the company, Google has grown a lot since that first step, and now provides service to virtually all parts of the globe and in more than a hundred different languages. The scope of this service has come so far that its impact is already attributed to him as the “third industrial revolution” and, in order to understand it, just imagine how it would be now same a single minute in our world if there were no Google.

Although it is possible that you already know the story, the name ‘Google’ was also almost accidental: initially, Google was going to be called ‘BackRub’, but its founders decided at the last minute give the name of gúgol, a mathematical term that represents the number 10 raised to the power of 100, in a clear allusion to the volume of information that the service was intended to handle. And so it was. Today we cannot but acknowledge the genius of its founders, and to ascribe the merit of having transformed the world: congratulations, Google.

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