Google asks that you update to Google Chrome immediately

Google discovered a serious vulnerability in the popular browser Google Chrome. It is a “zero-day” exploit, a flaw, which in principle is unknown and difficult to be detected until the moment in which the hacker find it and begin to use it.

This means that the pirates of the web were able to exploit the flaw. However, Google engineers found out about it and immediately set on the task of creating a quick solution. In principle, you don’t have to do anything, as the solution is implemented automatically by Google without you being aware. The idea is that the user does not have to do more than close the browser and re-open to be the day

Given the type of vulnerability that was, the company has recommended that users check that the latest version of your browser is the 72.0.3626.121. If this is you, you’re safe. Otherwise, you must look at the top right of the browser if you have a pending notification in yellow or red. The only thing you have to do is press it and make sure you press “update Google Chrome”.

Google explained that the vulnerability allows hackers to enter and execute programming harmful. It is known as CVE-2019-5786. This makes this vulnerability is that the browser leaves the security of Chrome and run commands from an operating system of a third party.

Updates have already been deployed to all the systems: from Windows, to Mac and Linux. The fault was released last Friday and always this kind of updates take a few days to reach all users so that’s why it is necessary that you update your Google Chrome and fixate if you are really up to date with the latest version that has the security patch.

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