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Goodbye OLED! The new line QLED TV from Samsung is impressive

samsung tv qled
While the last few years, there has been an emphasis on the technology of tv OLED, Samsung has promoted strongly the advancement of LED tv/LCD conventional, through their own version of the format called QLED, considered by many to be a viable cutting-edge technology. By using the technology of quantum dots to improve the performance of the LCD panels that rival OLED, Samsung has managed to create a line of tvs is highly competitive, distinguishing it from the rest of the competition.

Notably, the flagship product of the 2017 Samsung, Q9F, it was the best LCD tv that we had seen so far. But now that’s changed. In an event of a global launch that took place this week in New York, Samsung unveiled its full line of tvs QLED 2018, and, once more, we were impressed. In fact, we believe that the tv Q9F 2018 Samsung has all the elements that are needed to become one of the best of the year.

What makes the line of tvs QLED this year is so special, there are some significant improvements in the quality of the image. Despite being an excellent line of TVs, the QLEDs 2017 and still suffer the same performance unfavorable low angle and the black levels, which are common to all tvs LED / LCD. But this year, it is evident that Samsung has implemented a code than any other manufacturer of tvs has managed to crack.

That translates to tvs QLED 2018 exhibit a performance angle and black levels that are dangerously close to the OLED, while maintaining clear advantages in the areas of luminosity and brightness of the color. In summary, are the LED tvs / LCD most impressive we have seen so far, becoming a worthy rival of OLED. Below we present some relevant details of this new line.


In addition to the quality of the image, Samsung has also improved the connections and user interface, turning it into what we consider to be the line of tvs easier to use on the market. Last year we introduced the connection cable of Samsung One Invisible Connection, a fiber optic cable that allows to connect all components to a box, One separate Connect, and then run the video signal through a wire that virtually disappears to the eye in the wall.

Our only complaint was that the tv still had to be plugged in to a power outlet. This year, Samsung has integrated the power on your cable connection, which means that there’s literally a single point of connection to the tv, and it is virtually invisible. The cable Invisible Connection is now also available in a length of 15 meters, so that it is possible to install more components away across the room or in an adjoining room.


The configuration experience has also been improved. Tvs QLED not only will automatically detect the feeds attached to them, whether it be a cable box, a gaming console or a Blu-ray player, but also be programmed to instantly control remote to control those devices. The tv practically sets only.

Owners of the Samsung phones or those that have the app Smart Things Samsung installed on their devices will find that the tv is detected itself automatically and connects to the Wifi signal without the need of entering password information. This experience of hands-free setup also continues with built-in functions, since the tv detects various installed applications such as YouTube and Hulu (and eventually Netflix and others), and registers them automatically. Again , it is not necessary to go through the hassle of entering user names and passwords.

Design and functions

Despite the fact that the tvs QLED 2018 Samsung have a stylish, minimalist design, the company has done everything possible to practically disappear. In the line QLED includes a feature called Mode Environment, which allows the tv to mimic their environment on the screen. Something like a chameleon.

In a demonstration at the event First Look, we used a Samsung phone to take a picture of a television QLED and a brick wall around it. After a moment of processing, the tv showed on the screen a copy of the wall color and texture, which allowed it to virtually disappear into the wall. Samsung says that users can control the color and the texture to get the exact look desired.

The tv can also overlay weather information, news or photos, and we should mention that the pictures look like real photographs printed, not as a version televised on a digital photograph.

Other new features include a Universal Guide that allows you to browse through transmission applications and live tv, as well as the capabilities of voice Bixby and the compatibility with the application SmartThings Samsung, which allows integration with home devices smart.


The line QLED includes Q9F, Q8F, Q7F, Q7C (a variation curve) and Q6F. The models Q9F and Q8F offer darkening complete local, while the rest of the line QLED uses technology edgelighting and, therefore, its shape is a little more thin.

The entire line QLED TV technology includes anti-reflection referred to above, which increases the performance of the image outside of the angle and the performance of the black level. All tvs QLED accepted HDR10 and will include processing to generate a performance similar to HDR, from sources that are not native.

The flagship Q9F is available in screen sizes of 75 and 65 inches, while the Q8F will come in screen sizes of 55, 65 and 75 inches. The Q7C will include offers of 55 and 65 inches, while the Q7F will come in variants of 55, 65 and 75 inches. The Q6 will begin in 49-inch, until you reach a giant model of 82 inch.

The Q9F will also be compatible with a wall bracket Samsung custom, which places the tv nearly flush against the wall for an installation elegant. Samsung also offers a variety of aluminum brackets and furniture of entertainment.

Price and availability

The price of the line QLED will be announced later, and this article will be updated to reflect the official prices. By now we know that the Q9F 65-inch is available on Amazon for $3,800 dollars, placing it in line with what we expect will cost the LG OL C8 65 inches.

Although we have not yet been able to perform extensive testing of the more recent tvs QLED Samsung, we anticipate that the Q9F will offer a performance that rivalizará -and you might even overcome – the tvs OLED from LG and Sony this year. We will keep you informed.

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