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Get to know the best alarm clock and don’t get to fall asleep

During the last decade, practically we have become accustomed to using our phones not only to call and send messages, but also as alarm clock. Even the simple idea of using a special device in our night table it seems to be a bit stale. However, there are a series of watches that not only serve as alarms, but also can help with some sounds and lights to improve your sleep cycles. There are also those that offer many different features to wake you up more easily, if you are one of those that you are a heavy sleeper and more than once you’ve fallen asleep not to hear the alarm of your cell. We will show you below the best alarm clock that will suit your lifestyle, your budget and the hours you want to sleep.

The best option

Charger and alarm clock CubieTime ($59 dollars)

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Definitely, for an alarm clock to earn a place on your bedside table, you must be reliable, versatile, and allows you to customize your experience, for that is nothing traumatic or puts you in a bad mood. And we believe that CubieTime complies with all of those features. In addition, it is more than an alarm, since you have two chargers, USB and two plugs.

Thanks to the battery backup that has CubieTime, you will not have to face the stressful situation to fall asleep when you need to go to the airport and go to the light. In addition, this alarm also has a large snooze button, for those mornings in which you need reminders, extra.

You can also turn off or dim the light of the screen, so that the numbers large and easy to read not to bother you during the night. If you want to wake up with the radio or an alarm that will become more noisy with time, you will not find these features here (although there is a version with a horn Bluetooth but still no radio offers). Even so, this device does its job very well, and is perhaps the reason why that which is found in many rooms of different hotels.


Google Home Hub ($149)

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Although it is not strictly an “alarm clock”, Google Home Hub can get you out of bed in the morning and do many other things for you. One of the differences more drastic between the Home Hub and other devices comparable is its size: the Home Hub has a height of only 4.5 inches. This makes it small enough to fit comfortably on a night table. These small dimensions are due in part to the lack of a camera, thing may seem fantastic or a real scam, depending on how much you value your privacy. The Home Hub connects to various Bluetooth-enabled devices you may have in your home, including lights, speakers, thermostats, etc, You may configure the Home Hub to respond to your voice commands, or manage your devices using the touch screen. The effects of an alarm clock, the Home Hub works in a spectacular way. You can set a normal alarm or even make wake you up with a specific song from your music library. However, given that the built-in speakers do not have too much quality, it is possible that you want to connect it to your sound system, if it is accounts one.

Amazon Echo Spot ($130 dollars)


Designed to fit any room of your home, the Amazon Echo Spot uses voice recognition to allow you to know the weather forecasts, read lyrics of songs, listen to audiobooks, and much more, and all this with your hands free. The best thing of all is that you can ask Alexa to control the smart devices in your home such as lights, locks, cameras and thermostats. But if in addition you need to make a phone call and do not want to walk up to your room to find the phone, do not worry, because with this device you can make phone calls and video calls. Definitely, the Echo Spot is more than an alarm clock traditional.

Ruggie ($89 dollars)


What has happened to you any time the alarm sounds and with only give a button, you’re delaying to ring every 10 minutes? Surely, you have been gone, but the bad part of all this is that it is so easy to put to sleep your alarm you can do it more than 10 times in a row and when you realize you wake up an hour later. Now, however, with Ruggie, that will not happen more.

To turn off this alarm caller, you have to apply pressure to a plush carpet for three seconds continuous. In addition, if you are one of those that you can hardly hear the alarms, you can also set it at 120 decibels, so that when you wake up feel as if a chainsaw was to turn to your side. With this it will be impossible not to wake up. In addition, you can configure the device to play MP3 files as custom once you’ve applied the pressure and silenced the alarm.

Philips Morning Wake-Up Light ($140)


For those with light sleep, the audio alarms can be quite jarring. Fortunately, the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light uses a warm glow and soft effects and sound natural instead of beeps incessant for you to get out of the bed. The alarm clock also presents a simulation of the colors of the dawn and 20 settings of brightness for optimal customization. The light increases brightness slowly between 20 and 40 minutes before the desired alarm time and the clock also helps you sleep. Instead of simply turning off the lights, and settle in the bed, the dimmer function on the light-sensitive guides you gently to sleep with audio accompaniment.

IHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color changing ($59 dollars)


The iHome is more like a sound system that to an alarm clock, but definitely this device is perfect for any person that you want to sort your nightstand with a tight budget. In addition to having a good alarm clock that will get up every morning, the iHome also has connectivity Bluetooth and radio FM, which means that you’ll no longer have to deal with annoying USB chargers before you go to bed. For his part, his body and the screen, translucent color change with just the touch of a button, so you can wake up with your favorite colors.


SmartShaker 2 (from $20)

A standard alarm is usually sufficient to awaken the most deadly, but some people simply sleep more deeply than others. For them, the SmartShaker 2 is ideal. This thin alarm fits comfortably under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up. This feature also makes the SmartShaker 2 is perfect for people with hearing disabilities, and couples with different sleep schedules.

Detractors might say that the alarms on their phones already can be configured with vibration, then, why not put your smartphone under the cover of your pillow? Leaving aside all the arguments for health, the SmartShaker 2 vibrates much louder than a standard phone (up to three times more, to be exact). The SmartShaker 2 also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and incorporates a functional application and easy to use, available for Android and iOS devices. You can even configure up to 10 different alarm and choose from a variety of options, in case you want to have an audio alarm, as well as a vibration. After all, sometimes the fight against Morpheus is very, very real.

Alarm clock retro Kikkerland (from $19 usd)

There are watches with alarms cheapest on the market, but the aesthetic is retro, the Kikkerland is difficult to overcome. The clock may seem like something you’d find in a second-hand store, but today, there is a large market of vintage objects and nostalgic. This retro design features a ivory dial and hour and minute hands that glow in the dark, all in order to ensure readings are sharp, even in the middle of the night.

The glossy finish reflects enough light to show the clean lines and rounded edges of the clock, and people who prefer a bit of ambient background throughout the night will enjoy her soft tic-tac. The watch is also ultra-compact, so that it will not occupy too much space on your bedside table. The off button located in the upper part also mutes quickly the beeps of the old school, though —unfortunately— the device does not have a snooze button.

Alarm clock projection Mesqool ($27 usd)

alarmas despertador 81rv2pgk3el 720x720

If you have never seen an alarm clock that can project the time on the wall, you will be surprised how useful it can be this function. This watch Mesqool can project the time on the ceiling, the curtains, or almost any other surface, thanks to the 180 degree turn. So instead of squinting at the clock through the eyes sleepy in the morning, you can look up at the ceiling. The clock also includes AM / FM radio, so you can listen to their morning shows favorite or follow their sports team, while getting ready in the morning.

The LED screen is nice and easy to read, and can be adjusted between the settings of low brightness, medium, and high. The clock also includes a convenient alarm function that is becoming more and more strong, to not sobresaltarte. There is also a USB charging port that allows you to improve your phone while you sleep.

*Article last updated February 12, 2019, by Daniel Matus.

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