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Funerals could be made by streaming by the coronavirus

The NAFD is the acronym of the National Association of Funeral Directors in England and in the last few hours are making news because they have made a proposal that for some is associated with the responsibility that they must have the institutions with the outbreak of coronavirus , and for others it is an idea far-fetched and exaggerated.

It turns out that the NAFD proposed that funerals in the United Kingdom start to be on streaming, all in order to protect attendees from possible infection of COVID-19.

In a press release that plays the media Sky News, this association argues that “we are in dialogue with the government and local authorities to seek guidance early on the steps that the funeral directors might have to take in the event of a pandemic. We would do changes determined by the severity of the outbreak and the funerals would need to be adapted in the case of prohibiting public meetings, and other changes”.

The NAFD added that “in Addition to supporting the government and local authorities in the management of the impact of the additional deaths, the funeral directors will focus on helping families who lose a loved one during that time to find meaningful ways of saying goodbye, even if they had had the funeral a preferred is not possible. One option could include transmission through the Internet of funeral services, as many crematoria now have these facilities, or hold a memorial service separately at a later date”.


On the website of the National Association of Funeral Directors that have taken very responsibly for the advancement of the coronavirus, as you have uploaded attachments as advice of the WHO, guidelines for higenizado places of ceremonies, a guide to the prevention and control of infections of the government and how to wash hands, among others.

“It is important to note that, at present, the guidance continues to be to operate a funeral in the normal way, paying particular attention to the advice of the government and HSE on the control of infections and the use of personal protective equipment, cleaning routines and good hygiene practices among the employees. The NAFD will post updated information and guidance through your website and social media channels as they receive”, say the burial of English people to keep calm.

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