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From new iPhone to interviews with actors… we summarize the highlights of the week

The most important week of the year for fans of Apple has come to its end. Without a doubt, “the apple bite” were the main headlines of the week, despite the fact that many other technology news happened over these past seven days. We summarize the highlights.

Apple announced three phones and the iPhone XS Max is the jewel in the crown
dónde comprar los nuevos iPhone de Apple

Yes, Apple has introduced three new phones with the that wants to conquer the market of mobile telephony. Their proposals are not cheap, therefore the phone of least cost of the three is the iPhone XR that has an initial cost of $750 dollars. For those who have money to spare, Apple introduced two other options that have better hardware, are more expensive.

‘Rome’ Alfonso Cuaron won at the Venice Film Festival
pelicula roma alfonso cuaron rome movie

Shortly before the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, we received more good news. It turns out that the new movie from the acclaimed director of mexican cinema, Alfonso Cuarón was awarded a prize at the Venice Film Festival. The film is one of the most intimate made by Cuarón.

Volkswagen will lay off the Beetle ‘Final Edition’ in 2019
volkswagen beetle final edition 2019 large 8693 700x467 c

Who has not heard of the iconic Beetle from Volkswagen? Known as “beetle”, or “vocho” in Spanish, Volkswagen will launch in 2019 the Final Edition, that is to say, the Final Edition of this car that comes some seven decades being manufactured. The final edition will be available in versions coupe and convertible.

We talked with the protagonists of “Everything for the game”
entrevista todo por el juego directv ondirectv 3

Not all days have the opportunity to talk with the protagonists of one of the series that more is giving to talk on Latin America. We had the opportunity to chat with the actors of the series All for the Game, which is being broadcast in Latin America and which was produced by DirecTV. We had also the opportunity to interview one of the people that was behind the creation of the series.

Nintendo announces their new platform Nintendo Switch Online
noticias semana 09 14 18 nintendo switch mario kart lifestyle portability

Like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, the new service Switch will require users to pay to play certain online games, including titles notable from Nintendo as: Splatoon 2, Arms and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is also the only way for owners to Switch to obtain backup copies in the cloud to save games.

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