Fortnite: a Guide to the week 2 challenges in season 8

The challenges of week 2, season 8 on Fortnite Battle Royale are already here, which means that there is a whole new set of objectives to complete in the game. Along with a map fresh out of the oven of Epic Games, it is surprising to see that the current challenges are so simple, in particular considering the amazing camps pirates last week.

There is a particular challenge that you won’t want to miss, as it is the most difficult of all if you don’t know well where to go.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8 of Fortnite

Semana 2 de desafíos en la temporada 8 de Fortnite

There are a total of seven challenges this week. As usual, some are available to all while others are exclusive to those who have the Pass Battle. While the previous week had some goals that are great for regular players, you’ll want to invest in the Pass of Battle this week, if you have plans to make the most and have the best challenge available.

There are only three challenges for regular players that are not so good. It is possible that you already have a Pass of Battle of the 8th season of free if you meet the requirements during the event of extra time in season seven. If you want to see the whole list of challenges this week, be sure to see the catch that we leave up.

For this guide, we will focus on the unique challenge of the Pass Battle, which requires you to visit a number of locations specific.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8 of Fortnite, to visit the farthest points of the map

This challenge of the week 2, season 8 of Fortnite requires you to visit the endpoints more distant in the north, south, east and west of the map Battle Royale. All you have to do is to get those four points to get the rewards for completing the objective. The problem is that, if you do not know exactly where to stand, it may become difficult.

los puntos más lejanos del mapa

Fortunately, there is where we appear to be us. In this guide we will show you the exact places in each one of these points far away on the map. But first, let’s look at some tips to make this challenge much more bearable.

Certainly you can get more than one point in a single game, but there are not many other opportunities in which you’ll be able to do so. As much, you will need four separate line items to get the four points, which is quite little compared to other challenges recent. We were able to get two to three locations per game, but you should do this in ways of equipment, or any modality – bigger is better, as 50 versus 50 – that you have available.

modos de equipo

As you may already know it or not, this will ensure that you will have the least amount of enemies against you as possible (around about 20) in conjunction with team mates to take care of your back. However, something interesting is that the enemies that we came across while we were doing this challenge has not attacked us. We were able to do our respective challenges and follow each one by his side. That is the advantage of completing the challenge of the week 2, season 8 on computers.

Last, but not least, there is a mechanical relatively new so-called “Party Assist of which you should be aware of. This allows you to link your progress in challenges with your peers. So, if they complete a challenge and turns out to be the that your you active, you also get what will count as completed. This can only be done with a challenge at the same time, and must be selected from the corresponding tab. In this way, you can form a group with friends, do visit different parts of the map while you do the rest, and so end up even faster everything.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8: a Point far to the north

There are only four points to which to go, but they are all in different corners of the map. We recommend that at the beginning of the game you’ve landed on one of them to discard it quickly. Let’s start with the point far to the north so as to move around the map. If you take a quick glance, you’ll notice that there is a small piece of land that stands out as the more distant, close to Junk Junction.

Punto lejano norte

There is exactly where we need to go. The location of the far point north is located directly above Junk Junction. It is a very little popular time to visit so you shouldn’t worry as much about finding enemies. However, you must be attentive to other players that are also doing this challenge.

The exact place is found in the upper left-hand corner, specifically at the square C1 within the grid of the map Battle Royale. The point that is seen in our picture above points to the sea and has a sign at the end. This signal, as we will see in the locations remaining, it has a symbol that marks the place indicated. In this case, it is the north point.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8: Point west

Let’s keep going. Now we will head to the far point’s west on the island Battle Royale. For this particular one, visit one of our locations favorite: Snobby Shot”. The same, also, is a bit popular but keep your eyes open looking for players that are not very friendly. The far point west can be found near the southern end of the suburbs.

Punto lejano oeste

The location exactly for the point far-west is located in the square A5 of the grid of the map. Is at the west end of the square, just pointing out to the ocean. For this second point need not go the same way as the previous: go to the area that overlooks the water, where you’ll find a sign sticking out of the ground with a “W” written on top, indicating the west point.

Fortnite is usually to record that you visited a place even before you reach the signal, so you don’t have to be just in that site in order to complete the objective. If you want to grab one more in the same game, we recommend you look for a vehicle close to get there on time.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8: a Point far to the south

We are already half. For the third point of the challenge, we will need to turn towards the south again, to another destination little popular known as the Lucky Landing. This area in particular, known for being inspired by cultures of Asia, has the point distant south, just screwing around.

Punto lejano sur

Head to Lucky Landing and looks for a spot that is located just to the south of the place. It is very difficult not to see it. You can see the point distant south from the square F10 on the grid of the map. Again, it is on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8: far Point this

There is only one point remaining to which to go for the challenge two of the season eight of this week. Head towards the east of the map, just near to Paradise Palms, the racing track, the Lonely Lodge, and the abandoned mansion. The Far point of This can be found to the north of the race track and Paradise Palms, and directly south of the Lonely Lodge and the abandoned mansion.

Punto lejano este

The exact location of the Far point This is located near the top right corner of the square J6 on the grid, just below the mansion. Just in the piece of land that is featured on the ocean with a signal that has a And above. Visit this latest in our guide to complete the challenge.

Week 2 of challenges in season 8: Reward


The reward for completing this particular challenge are five Battle Stars, the exact amount to ensure half the level of a tier.

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