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Find out what’s new on Netflix Mexico that arrives in October

Sure you are one of those who spend all day stuck in Netflix all day and not find anything new to watch. But not to worry, each month, Netflix renews his catalog in Mexico and brings new content so you don’t get bored with the same options. So as is usual, in October get new series and movies that will interest you. Some are brand new and others are more productions to old, but what is important is that there are for all tastes and ages. Discover with us, everything new on Netflix Mexico that arrives in September.

Recommended for October

The hidden world of Sabrina
nuevo de Netflix México

In October, Netflix we re-connect with the witch Sabrina with their new original series. However, with Kierna Shipka embodying the new Sabrina, we’ll see a different story from the one you already enjoy in the years 90, but that will still full of witchcraft, mystery and adventure.

Making a Murderer
lo nuevo de netflix mexico making a murderer2

The first season of this documentary series recounts the case of Steven Avery, a man who served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, being accused of murder, together with his nephew. The series emphasis on dramatic analysis of the events that led to the prosecution of Avery and Brendan Dassey, eliciting responses from both the White House and Supreme Court. The second season explores the aftermath of these events, and the appeals made.

lo nuevo de netflix mexico marvel daredevil temporada 3

The series that started the collaboration of Marvel with Netflix returns with a third season, and will have to achieve a lot to top the success of the first two seasons of the series, with the watchful blind Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and the memorable villain, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’onofrio), as well as a tremendous cast of secondary characters.

The end of the series The Defenders left the fate of Matt quite uncertain, and the third season is ready to explore what happens when they finally “let go to the devil.”

Everything new that comes to Netflix Mexico in October

October 1,

  • Salvation: Second Season
  • A witch in distress
  • My Little Pony – Equestria Girls: Friendship forgotten
  • My Little Pony – Equestria Girls: roller Coaster ride of friendship
  • Secret of blood

October 2

  • Joe Rogan: Strange Times

October 3,

  • Final operation
  • The initiation
  • The Intervention

October 4

  • Violet Evergarden: Special
  • With the goose bumps

October 5,

  • Elite
  • Big Mouth: The Second Season
  • Dancing Queen
  • Private life
  • Supermonstruos: Halloween Special
  • Supermonstruos: Second Season
  • Green room

October 10,

  • July 22,
  • A hologram for the King

October 11,

  • Riverdale: Second Season
  • Salt, fat, acid, heat

October 12

  • Fightworld
  • The curse of Hill House
  • The curious creations of Christine McConnell
  • Flash: Fourth Season
  • Apostle
  • A chief in diapers: back to business: Second Season
  • Tarzan and Jane: the Second Season
  • Errementari: the blacksmith and The devil
  • Feminists: what were they thinking?

October 13

  • Dynasty: The Second Season

October 14,

  • History taiwanese of two cities

October 15,

  • Chills
  • Slow West
  • The Seven deadly Sins: Resurface the Commandments
  • In the tightrope

October 16,

  • Black Lightning: Second Season

October 17

  • Arrow: Sixth Season

October 19,

  • Marvel – Daredevil: Season Three
  • District wild
  • Wanderlust
  • Ask the Doctor
  • What I saw
  • Derren Brown: Sacrifice
  • Making a Murderer: Part 2
  • Hip-Hop Evolution: Second Season
  • The return of the demon

October 21,

October 22

  • Disney – Jim and the peach giant
  • War horse

October 23

  • Adam Sandler 100% Fresh

October 24,

  • Bodyguard
  • Batman Ninja

October 25,

  • Kick-Ass 2
  • Suits: Eighth Season

October 26,

  • The hidden world of Sabrina
  • Castlevania: Second Season
  • Been so long: And everything changed

October 27,

  • Hairspray, Live!

October 29,

  • Revenge perfect

October 31,

  • Rock the Kasbah: Discover a star

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