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Finally! Sonos will integrate the Google Assistant on your speakers smart

bocinas sonos asistente google assistantAfter a long wait, Sonos is finally bringing to the Google Assistant to your speakers smart Sonos One and Sonos Beam. In a letter to shareholders sent out this week, Sonos revealed that it will launch the new functionality in an update next week, starting with the U.s. market before expanding to others at a global level in the coming months.

“This feature really will elevate the customer experience, and marks the first time that consumers will be able to buy a single loudspeaker smart and choose which voice assistant want to use,” says Sonos in the statement of presentation.

The incorporation of Google Assistant, has been prolonged for a long time for the owners of the speakers to One and Beam Sonos, whom the company said in 2017 they planned to incorporate the technology of voice assistant. At that time, the company promised that it would be true to his philosophy independent of the service, to be integrated both with Alexa as the Google Assistant, Amazon, and did not rule out also work with other services.

Without a doubt, Sonos fulfilled quickly with the integration of Alexa, but as the months passed, those who eagerly awaited the arrival of Google Assistant had to muster the patience, but the integration was promised initially for 2018.

The good news is that the wait is almost over, which means that within a few days, to say “Hey Google” in the presence of a Sonos One or Sonos Beam will produce a result.

Sonos had previously said that the ultimate goal was that the Google Assistant allows you to manage every one of the music services that are compatible with the platform, so that we are interested in knowing more about the progress of their work in that area. For his demonstration at CES 2019, the company only showed that Pandora and Google Play Music were able to respond to the requests, which might put fans of Spotify a little nervous. We have also learned that the integration with Google Assistant is a street one-way: that is to say that users can choose to use Google or Alexa, but not both.

Apparently, it is a difficult task that a horn smart to work with more of a wizard, which explains why some companies have opted to produce versions twin of the same speakers, one for each wizard. But that is not the style of Sonos, so I will not make you buy a special version of the Sonos One just to run the Google Assistant. What you can’t do, for now, is to give you access to both attendees from the same speaker smart, because each speaker must be configured to work with a single wizard smart at the same time.

While that means you’ll have to make a decision in regards to choosing the best intelligent assistant, or the one that is most convenient for you, you’ll still be able to control the entire system from any device Google or Alexa, as are devices such as Sonos or a third party, such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo. Sonos calls this “continuity of control” and is the type of attention to detail that Sonos is known for.

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