FIFA 20 announced the arrival of a major update

A major update announced FIFA 20 for this 3 of march: the tournament’s oldest clubs in the world will come to the platform of EA Sports.

It’s the Copa Libertadores de America, which will be free of charge in this next update for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with all the other official competitions of the Conmebol: Copa Sudamericana and Recopa.

Playing with traditional clubs all over the continent, including River Plate, Boca Juniors, Flamengo Racing Club, C. A. Independent, Millionaires, and the Catholic University to bring them to the top soccer clubs in South america,” says the official press release that announces the incorporation of the continental tournament in FIFA 20.

Some features that will have this patch available from the 3rd march:

  • Immerse yourself in the new Tournament Mode that allows players to lead their team from the first Phases Group until the end of the Conmebol Libertadores. In addition, you experience a Hub fully dedicated with news from the Tournament, as well as the latest standings, fixtures and results to keep up to date with everything that happens during the competition
  • Enjoy a unique atmosphere of a final of the Conmebol Libertadores, the exciting tension of a semi-final and the energy of the Phase Group with new types of matches on the Way to kickoff. Or play a game of fantasy against any club available in FIFA 20 through the Exhibition Match of Libertadores.
  • Enter the world of the Conmebol Libertadores, Conmebol in South america and the Conmebol cup winners ‘ cup in Career Mode, while the users give the form to your club and lead them to glory. Plays with the structures of authentic competition of the Conmebol, sponsorships, walk-in closets and the news dynamic envelopes that complement the new systems for the Morale of the Player and Technical Director.
  • Create a dream team with FIFA Ultimate Team™ and you get custom content and special items during the competition.

The new addition of FIFA 20 will allow you for example to emulate the grand final only to be played in 2019 between Flamengo and River Plate at the Monumental Stadium of Lima and that the winner was the cast brazilian.

The Grasshopper Colorado comes to FIFA 20

Another novelty of FIFA 20 comes from the hand of a great character of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito. This is the Grasshopper Colorado.

EA Sports brings this edition of 50 years of the character, from the 21st of February and will have a jersey that will be able to use the players within the mode FUT, as well as flags and billboards alluding to the “chipote chillón”, a characteristic of this iconic character.

In addition, players will be able to celebrate each goal with a jump in the style of “The Grasshopper Colorado”, while onlookers wave flags with the image of this and the red heart with yellow letters that characterized it.

Another element that you will remember the cunning of The Grasshopper, created by comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños, is the arch of the entrance to the pitch, where teams will cross before the match.

Meanwhile, in the stadium through tifos will appear the phrases most well-known character, such as: “all my movements are coldly calculated” and “His shield is a heart”.

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