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Facebook launches its first device: two screens smart calls Portal

The speakers smart already part of the household of millions of people, having become a multimillion dollar market in the last few years, and for a long time it has been speculated that Facebook also wanted a piece of the pie with their own hardware products,

Earlier this year, we had reported rumors that claimed that the social network had decided to delay the launch of two alleged speakers and to present them in October of this year. And the rumors proved to be true: Facebook unveiled two devices that could be the answer that I was expecting, although this is not speakers, but screens smart.

With the name of Portal and Portal Plus, these pieces of video were presented as “a way of facilitating the connection more regular with the most important people in your life, and that will make you feel as if you’re in the same room, even when you’re far away.”

The artificial intelligence is an integral part of the devices Portal, but unlike other screens, intelligent, like Echo Show , Lenovo’s Smart Display, or the proposal of Google, the screens of Facebook have an Intelligent Camera that keeps an eye on the action and automatically moves to make that all are in view and included in the image. In addition, they contain a function of Sound Intelligent, that enhances the voice of who is speaking no matter where you move. Both models feature large high-definition screens.

Obviously, the integration with Facebook is another feature that makes these screens are unique. You can call your friends from Facebook and your connections on Messenger from your screen, and they will be able to respond to you through your smart phone or tablet, even if they don’t have Portal. And when you’re not using it to make calls, Portal framework smart pictures and popular music applications and video.

And if you are wondering if Facebook created its own intelligent assistant, the answer is no. You have to make do with Alexa, which is incorporated in the devices Portal so you can easily get capabilities hands-free.

Availability and Price

Screens smart Portal cost $199 dollars (the most basic) and $349 ( the model Portal Plus). If you want to buy the two devices, it offers a discount offer of $100 dollars, which means that a package of the two models will have a price of $298 dollars.

The screens are smart are already available for pre-orders in the united States through Facebook on their official site. They are also available on Amazon, as well as in the physical stores and online from Best Buy. Both models will begin shipping in November, and are available in black or white color.

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