Everything we know about Dying Light 2

Dying Light was a very interesting zombie game. Created by the Polish studio Techland, it was a survival title in a world full of enemies and in which the action was fast and agile. The game was a resounding success, which is why it was no wonder that a sequel, called Dying Light 2, was announced.

That sequel was originally supposed to go on sale towards the end of 2019 but after a series of unfortunate events in its development, it was delayed indefinitely. And now, starting in 2021, there is nothing clear regarding the game beyond that the studio is still working on the project.

Still, there are a few details that are known regarding Dying Light 2, which will be a distant continuation of the events that occurred in the first part. Several basic elements of the first title will remain, but the study ensures that the universe of the game will be expanded and improved.

This is everything we know about Dying Light 2.

The protagonist

His name is Aiden Caldwell, a guy who has the ability to parkour through the environment. Similar to what happened in the first game, the protagonist can run, jump, climb walls and move around the stage in a fluid way as missions are completed.

Dying Light 2 is set in a city called The City, which is located in Europe and will be "four times the size of the first game," according to Techland. It is not yet clear how similar this new protagonist is to Kyle Crane from the first Dying Light , but considering that the sequel occurs two decades later, it is possible that there is more than one reference to the protagonist from the first game.

Decisions will be important

In the original game, several options were given when solving some missions and that will be even more important in Dying Light 2. When the game was shown at E3 2019, they talked about the depth that this decision system will have in a demo, which occurred in a fortified base on a dam that had to be infiltrated.

The options were to enter Rambo style alerting everyone, or to do it stealthily. And even, all kinds of confrontations could also be avoided by flooding certain parts of the area, which modifies the scenario not only for that mission but for the rest of the game. There are elements of trial and error in this mechanic, since infiltrating changes the status of the character with respect to the faction that has possession of the base and in the long term, this has an impact on how the story develops and the relationships that will be generated. with the different factions present in the world.

In addition, not only can you choose how to carry out certain missions, but they can also be completely ignored on some occasions. Now, these promises of freedom when executing actions in games have been heard many times and they don't always end up as anticipated, but Dying Light 2 seems to be designed around that freedom. And according to Techland, the game will have to be played multiple times to see everything in it.

And regarding correcting certain erroneous decisions that may have been made during the campaign, one of the game's main designers named Tymon Smektala explained in an interview that “it will not be like going back and making a different decision, but that it will be necessary to complete various tasks or some extra missions to correct the path that was taken ”. And furthermore, he added that beyond some specific instances, the decisions of the game will be permanent and that is why the sequel will feel more RPG than before.

100 hours to see it all

In Dying Light 2, the main story can be completed in around 15-20 hours, according to Smektala. But the game world will be much bigger than just the main campaign and many missions may not even activate in a single walkthrough. Therefore, it will take 100 hours of play to see everything.

The game designer explains that “it's difficult to say exactly how long an open world game takes to complete because a lot can happen on the way between missions. So everything will depend on how each person plays it ”. Smektala also explains that there are pop-up missions that will appear suddenly and it will be up to the player to decide whether to complete them or not. In the long run, Dying Light 2 will be much larger than the original in terms of scale.

New toys

One of the most interesting details of the 2019 demo was the appearance of a glider, with which the protagonist becomes a kind of superhero. With the glider you can travel the city faster and safer and there will also be an aerial hook with which you can enter some buildings from the ground. Any similarity to Batman is just coincidence.

As for the arsenal, in Dying Light 2 there will be 50 more weapons than in the original game, which can be obtained by mixing objects. The first thing, yes, will be to find the plans for each weapon before building them; On the other hand, both ranged and melee weapons seemed more effective than before, but at the same time the enemies will be more intelligent.


As with the first Dying Light , in the sequel there will be cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. In each game it will be possible to invite three other people to enter our game world to help complete missions, although it is not very clear if there will be additions that were not in the previous game.

In addition to the above, in Dying Light there was the option to compete with other people in player versus player type games. It is not clear if this will be present as it is in the new game, although Tymon Smektala assured that in addition to the cooperative there will be "another great multiplayer component" in Dying Light 2.

And when can it be played?

Unfortunately, after the game delays it reached a point where there is no release date, not even an approximate one. At the beginning of 2020, Dying Light 2 went to a status of "indefinite" with respect to its release, although it is believed that 2021 should be the final year.

Apparently, there were some internal problems in Techland and even at times it was thought that they could be acquired by Microsoft, which finally did not happen. Originally, the game was going to be published by Square Enix in America, but that agreement was dissolved and now Techland itself will be in charge of publishing the game.

At the time, the Techland high command indicated that although it was expected to be able to launch during the second quarter of last year, that was not fulfilled because the team "needed more time to implement its vision of how the game would have to turn out," according to CEO Pawel Marchenka. It is also almost certain that the global pandemic had some impact on development, as it happened to several projects last year.

Survivors, tonight we celebrate!
Keep your heads up for 2021!

& mdash; Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) December 31, 2020

In any case, on December 31, 2020, the game's official Twitter account published that "we had to be attentive to 2021", which gives clues that this year Dying Light 2 will finally come to light.

Following this tweet , it was speculated that perhaps a release date will be announced soon, although it is most likely that they have referred to more general information about the game.

Downloadable content

The release date for Dying Light 2 may still be up in the air, but that hasn't stopped us from announcing a fair amount of downloadable content coming in the future.

In fact, Techland has talked about delivering downloadable content for four years, just as it was with the first game to be supported in the form of new content for that same period. "We know that a lot of people are going to be expecting extra content, so our idea is to meet those expectations," according to Tymon Smaktala. For now, one of the few concrete things for Dying Light 2 is that there will be a fair amount of post-launch content.

The question is whether there will be downloadable content that goes on sale at the same time as the game. And if so, many players will want to pre-order the game …


It is now possible to buy Dying Light 2 in advance. Pre-sales are available in several stores for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. A curious detail, yes, is that the American store Best Buy has the version of PlayStation 5 in pre-sale, while not at Amazon.

What is not clear yet is if the game will have a specific version for Xbox Series X or Series S, although most likely it is. It would be strange, for the rest, that this game comes out for Xbox One and not for the successors. But the situation today is this: you cannot pre-order for the newest Xbox consoles.

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