Everything seems to indicate that Snapchat will launch a gaming platform

Do you remember when Snapchat revolutionized social networking by introducing the format of the stories that disappeared after a few hours? It was many years ago now but they have definitely left a footprint that the other networks have also incorporated in their platforms.

And now, it seems that the roles have changed. It was Facebook who for the first time several years ago, it began to incorporate games. And now, it’s Snapchat who to follow in its footsteps with a new project called internally by the company as “Project ” Cognac”, according to a report in Cheddar. This portal claims to have seen an invitation to the conference GDC that takes the slogan “Let’s talk. More Play” (which translates to “Less talk. Most games” in Spanish).

It is expected that the company to know more details during the conference GDC, which will take place April 4 in Los Angeles, California.

According to the rumors, which began last summer, Snapchat will provide a platform for developers to adapt their video games. But these are not small games. This is eSports, and other games a little more heavy. The company bought the companies Prettygreat by $8.6 million and PlayCanvas because they specialize in games. The company had already included some augmented reality experiences on their platform of King of Glory and League of Legends.

Remember that Snapchat experienced a few golden years, but a redesign last year, caused controversy among his most faithful followers. Also, she started to live financial problems since it began as a public company.

Snapchat has not wanted to provide any comment to the press related to this information. Since I had problems with the popularity of its platform, the company has gone to great lengths to redesign again your application, and the application platform of videos seems to have an important role to achieve this.

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