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Everything about the fourth season of the House of The Role of Netflix

tercera temporada la casa de papel netflix part 3 premiere bogota colombia

Are you one of the many millions of viewers eager for more episodes of the successful Spanish Netflix ‘s House of Paper? Good news: the fourth season is ready and waiting might not be so long.

Recent reports indicate that Netflix will present a “grand finale” to the program, although at this point, it is not clear if it will have a fifth season. It is also rumoured that The House of Paper will have a large presence at the end of this month on the event Comics & Games Lucca. The report says that Netflix will not reveal the progress of the fourth season during the event, but that ensures that we’ll see more details and the official trailer in January.

And that is the interest in the Spanish-speaking market by the companies in entertainment and streaming continues to rapidly rise, and this is reflected in the growing number of productions aimed at the public at the international level. Such is the case of Netflix, that after the success of series such as Club of Crows, their “spin-off” The Ballad of Hugo Sanchez, The Casa de las Flores and Luis Miguel, since you have to list the fourth season of the long-awaited realization of Spanish. This is all I know so far… no spoilers!

Release date

The actor Rodrigo de la Serna, who he has played Palermo, said in an interview for Cadena 3 that the story will continue to the beginning of 2020. The argentine commented that the fourth season “is already recorded and has a release date in January. We are very happy”. Although this information has not been confirmed or refuted by Netflix, which could mean that it is a matter of just a few months to find out what will happen with the Professor and his band.

The third season was an unquestionable success. Just two weeks after its premiere on 19 July 2019, the official account of The house paper he published on Twitter the following message: “we’re Going to need more masks for all. 34,355,956 homes in the world saw #LCDP3 in the first week after the premiere, and we couldn’t be more grateful for being part of the band.”

What’s going to happen in the fourth season?

casa de papel temporada 4
So far there are no rumors specific about the plot, but we can be sure that The House of Paper will remain true to its spirit. Álex Pina, creator of the series, said: “There are that claim the Spanish, iberian or Latin. I think the big bet or the identity of the series is Latin, and is to contribute to the genre of the heist perfect an emotional dimension, Spanish, iberian, latino, mediterranean, call it as you will”.

The realization has transcended beyond the public Spanish-speaking world, being praised publicly by figures of the stature of the iconic writer Stephen King, who called the third season of a Money Heist (your title to the global public) of “exciting and hilarious”.

What is a fact is that the expectation is increasingly high. To celebrate the third season, the makers of the series regaling fans at an event held at the historic Teatro Colón in Bogota, Colombia. There, the big surprise was the presence of the protagonists, who entered quietly wearing the iconic masks of Dali.

What surprises prepared for the fourth (and possibly last) season of House Role? We will have to wait, but not much. We will keep you informed with the latest news.

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