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Elon Musk opens the door to the ‘brain hacking’ (and the affair)

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As we warned at the time: some of the long nights they were screened with Ambien, a powerful sleeping pill for insomniacs alike inveterate, that, at times, cause certain states of amnesia and disinhibition. Don’t know if this is the circumstance that affects the to Elon Musk and we tend to believe that is his genius responsible for so many crazy projects, but what is certain is that Neuralink, your last creature, has left us speechless. And what is certain is that of a person that we want to transport to Mars and transform forever the automotive and land transport, we should not be surprised because nothing. But… what exactly is Neuralink?

It is a project of the entrepreneur who saw the light for the first time in 2017, but, as is natural, has been eclipsed by SpaceX, Tesla and other adventures of Musk; however, the u.s. has put us up to date with the latest developments of a company that attempts-sorry for the crudity- ‘wiring’ the brain for connecting it to a computer. The first reaction turned out inevitable: how to connect the human brain to a machine? Or in the worst scenarios of Terminator we could raise a scenario as well… however, soon I realized that my reaction had been very short-sighted.

The doors to a better world… if we keep it under control

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After the first impact I soon realize that, in reality, we had already ‘wired’ to other parts of the body, and thanks to this, saved millions of lives around the world. I’m referring to the pacemaker, implants cloqueares…and if I hurry up, although it sounds ridiculous, a prosthesis of the hip or knee, or even some contact lenses. What are they if not? It is about physical elements that we link our body to achieve a better quality of life. And in fact, is achieved. Well, Elon Musk poses exactly that: a way to connect the brain through a system of cables to a computer, to achieve improved quality of life to people with some type of disability.

Imagine a person with a disability that prevents you from any kind of movement to achieve handle computers or phones through impulses from your brain and reducing, in this way, their isolation. In this sense, the novelty posed by Neuralink it is the employment of a system in a very thin wiring that would be responsible for the transmission of information between the brain and the computer, and once established this connection, the possibilities of the system are endless. And as usual in Elon Musk, the presentation is not a toast to the sun, but behind have already been testing with success with primates, and the plan is to take it out on humans next year.

Squeezing the possibilities of the brain

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There is No doubt that for a person with a serious disability, the announcement of Elon Musk is like a breath of fresh air that opens up a window to hope but… do you will be Neuralink and projects that arise in the heat of this release in a medical or therapeutic? We suspect not, but that will be only the prelude to the ‘brain hacking’ or manipulation of the brain to our interest to obtain its maximum performance.

Imagine, for example, that we had in our mind with a system based on Artificial Intelligence that, beyond that based on previous experiences or intuition, could take decisions on the basis of empirical data accumulated by millions of people. Let us imagine that, at the wheel of our vehicle, our brain prevents us from accelerating on a sharp curve on a rainy night as we arrived late why? Because this system based on AI would alert of an accident imminent to that decision.

This may seem like science fiction, and in part it is, but what is certain is that Elon Musk is already living in a world that does not seem the our and this vision is not contaminated can help everyone to evolve. What of the danger? The same one who warned at the time the own Musk: the Artificial Intelligence without control can be a serious threat to humanity, and it is for this reason that they should be established well on the bases, especially now that we can connect to our body.

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