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Electronic waste: how come in China the iPhone without WeChat

An overwhelming majority of the owners of iPhone in China would abandon the flagship Apple device, if finally thrive to the restrictions announced by the united States.

So revealed a survey conducted by the social network of micromensajería Weibo, an equivalent of Twitter in China, which asked users to choose between WeChat or their iPhones.

The results are decision-makers: with more than 1.2 million responses, the 95 percent of users prefer to use the messaging application on their mobile phones.

“The ban will force many chinese users to switch from Apple to other brands, because WeChat is really important to us,” said Sky Ding, who works in the sector of the technology industry financial in Hong Kong, cited by 9to5mac.

WeChat has more than billion users and is the most important application in China. Without the possibility of access to it, iPhones are transformed into devices irrelevant.

In addition to the messaging features, chinese users view WeChat as an operating system, since virtually everything they do on your phone is through this app.

If the ban goes through, the iphone will become an expensive “electronic waste,” said Kenny, Ou, a resident of Hong Kong, quoted by the same means.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that the ban could cost the maker of the iPhone by up to 30 percent of its global sales.

The August 6, president Donald Trump signed an executive order that decreed the prohibition of activities in the borders of the united States of firms of chinese origin, as ByteDance –owner of TikTok – and Tencent –owned WeChat-, considering them a threat to national security.

A dozen u.s. companies, warned in mid-August of 2020 that the risks of banning WeChat, among which was Apple, but which also included Disney, Ford, Intel, Morgan Stanley, UPS, and Walmart.

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