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Echo Show vs. Echo Spot: what screen smart buy?

Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon, not only is available in the speakers Echo. In fact, there are many devices that incorporate it. The attendees of voice are increasing part of our daily lives, helping us from our screens, hearing aids, thermostats, alarm clocks and even cars. If you are looking for a smart screen with Alexa to be your assistant next to the bed, the couch or in the kitchen, you can control smart devices, make phone calls, answer questions, help you with recipes and take a look at the news, two popular choices are the Echo Show and the Echo Spot. Amazon recently launched a more affordable version of the first, and you might wonder what device suits you best to make the best decision before you spend. That’s why we compare them for you in this confrontation Echo Show vs. Echo Spot. What is a part of your life? Continue reading.


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If you are looking for a smart screen of a similar size to a tablet great, the Echo Show second-generation measures 24.6 inches wide, 17.5 high, and 10.6 of thickness. Its screen is 10.1-inch. However, the new Echo Show 5 is much smaller than the Show 2, measuring 14.7 inches wide, 8.6 high, and 7.3 of thickness. Its screen is of 5.5 inches (the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus or the HTC U11).

The Echo Spot is even smaller than the Show 5, with a 2.5 inch screen. The Spot is very compact, ideal as a wizard next to the bed and even as an alarm clock. Only takes up about 10 inches on your night table.


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The Show 2 and Show 5 are very similar, but the Echo Show 5 looks like a miniature version of the Show 2. Both are rectangular and both are available in two choices of colors to match with your décor: charcoal or sandstone.

The screen of the Echo Spot is circular, and the device looks like a sphere (just the screen and the base are flat). Due to its rounded design, the Spot looks more like a wake-up of high-tech as a smart display. It comes in two colors: white or black.

The discrete profile from the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Spot allows them to pass relatively unnoticed in a table. The Echo Show 2 draws the most attention.


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The Echo Show, the second generation offers the best picture and sound quality, followed by the Show 5. The Echo Spot is the one that has the lowest quality of image and sound of the three.

The resolution of the screen Show 2 is 1280 x 800 and has a 5 MP camera. The audio of the Show 2 is exceptional, thanks to its two handles 10-watts with a horn, passive radiator with processing Dolby.

The quality of the image of the Show 5 is relatively decent for a device of its price. The resolution of their small screen is 960 x 480 and has a camera of 1 MP. The sound quality is not precisely outstanding, but fulfills its function with a loudspeaker of 4 watt.

The Echo Spot has a very small screen with a resolution of 480 x 480 and a VGA camera (equivalent to 0.3 MP). In terms of sound, it has a speaker of 2 watts of 1.4 inches. This is not so bad for an alarm clock. But compare this with the Echo Show, the sound quality does not impress. To get some perspective, the Echo Dot (third generation) has a speaker of 1.6 inches.

If you want to improve your listening experience on the Echo Show 5 or the Echo Spot, you can also connect a speaker outside by means of a cable of 3.5 mm


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The Echo Show second generation includes a hub ZigBee built in. Having a hub is becoming less and less important, because each time fewer products from smart home they need one to operate, and functions as the routines of Alexa have created more customization options. However, the hub ZigBee you can provide some additional functions when you control products compatible with ZigBee. In addition, to have a hub built-in can make certain devices compatible to work offline.

Although the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Spot does not include a hub, both devices allow you to make video-calls, to ask questions of Alexa and, of course, control compatible devices with Alexa, as you would with any other device Echo (such as a horn smart Echo Dot).

The Echo Show 2 has a button to turn off electronically the microphone and the camera. The Echo Spot, and the Echo Show 5 also have a button to turn off the microphone and the camera, but the Show 5 has another privacy feature built-in: a slider that you can use to cover physically the camera and prevent you see.


Echo Show vs. Echo Spot
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The Show 2 is better than the Show 5 and the Spot in terms of its technical specifications. However, it is also much more expensive. The Show 2 sells for $230 dollars, while the Show 5 and the Spot cost $90 and $130 dollars respectively.

When comparing the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Spot (two devices smaller and cheaper) both have pros and cons, but the Show 5 moves to the Spot simply because it offers more: better resolution, better camera, better sound, better privacy features and a better price.

Before the Echo Show 5 it seemed that the Echo Spot was the miniature version (and less expensive) Show of second-generation. You could put a Show 2 in the kitchen and a Spot in your bedroom. However, now that the Show 5 is part of the family Echo, can serve as a better alarm clock or smart screen to Alexa.

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