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Duel of robots kitchen: discover what is the best chef

Do you like an exquisite dish of food or dessert? And who doesn’t right? Without a doubt one of the appliances where you should not skimp on costs are needed to prepare rich and easy dishes. For this reason, in this article we show a comparison between the best robots of kitchen that practically do the cooking for you.

Are you ready to choose what would be your best helper in the kitchen?

Their functions


There are various appliances that are intended for specific functions, such as for example the blender to blend games and soups or food processor that is able to shred vegetables or even nuts. But isn’t it better to buy a multifunctional device, able to do almost all occupations that are required in the kitchen? And that is what we show you today in this article.

According to its manufacturers, these are the things that can make these devices outstanding:

Bellini: blends, chops, crushes ice, potato chips, knead, chop, stir, vaporizes, and desserts.

All-Clad: Chops, crushes ice, kneads, mixes, cooking slowly, sewn, steamed, French fries, scrambles, and desserts.

Thermomix: blend, cooking, emulsifies, grinds, heats, kneads, mixes, sews, weighs, and desserts.

Our opinion

Although the three devices agree on many of their functions, it is worthwhile to point out that none of them completely replaces a furnace, which means that you’ll be able to brownies in them.

The parties


Each appliance comes with a base, a mixing bowl of stainless steel, and much more accessories that we show you below:

Bellini: a kitchen scale, hand blender, spatula, game steam cooking (three trays and a lid), container for mixing two liters (about 8.5 cups), basket for kitchen (for meatballs, potatoes, among other things), cutting blade, blade for beating, lid with measuring cup and removable base. Its dimensions are 18 by 12 by 20 inches.

All-Clad: A blade, beater, blender, dough mixer /blade, shredding basket steamer, mixing bowl 2.6 quart capacity (approximately 10.4 cups), and base. Its dimensions are 12.2 per 14.2-inch.

Thermomix: blender, spatula, game steam cooking (two trays and a lid), capacity of 2.2 liters (about 9.3 cups), basket of cooking, knife to chop and stir, cover with measuring cup and removable base. Its dimensions are 13.4, 12.8 by 12.8 inches.

Our opinion

The Thermomix has an integrated scale, and their blades do the bulk of the mixture and chopped, although you will need a blender for some recipes. For its part, the multiple blades of All-Clad is connected to a shaft within the container and are easy to exchange.

But, in contrast with the Bellini, you will find a kind of lock in the background, that you prevents to change the blades in the middle of a process, and if you do, you’ll have to throw away what you have done, before you make the change.

The recipes and buttons


If this is the first time that you use these devices, it is important that you know the recipes and buttons that you recommend to prepare meals a delicious and prevent you cooked or mashed.


Bellini has a simple interface, since it has three disks: speed (settings 1 to 10), time (up to 90 minutes, with intervals of a second for the first minute and 30 seconds thereafter), and temperature (100 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 to 100 degrees Celsius, more vapor).

When you have everything set up, you must press the home button and ready. You’ll also find a button pulse.

In the booklet that comes included with the product, you’ll find about 95 recipes, plus a table with cooking times to steam vegetables, seafood and chicken. Also, there are some videos online, and the company wants that you follow your group of Facebook “Brigade Bellini”, in which the owners of Bellini share their own recipes.


Has six program buttons (for sauce, soup, simmer, steam, bake and dessert) to automatically configure the speed of agitation, temperature and time.

In addition, it has three buttons to manually adjust the time, temperature and speed. The All-Clad is heated between 90 and 270 degrees Fahrenheit (about 32 to 132 degrees Celsius) in five-degree increments.

In case outside little, in intervals of five seconds, you can set the timer for up to two hours and it has 12 mixing speeds available.

All-Clad offers some recipes online, and also have a brochure Prep & Cook which contains more than 300 foods that you can prepare.


From the home screen, you can set the time (up to 99 minutes in intervals of 30 seconds after the first minute, which you can select for the second), the temperature (100 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 37 to 121 degrees Celsius, plus an adjustment of steam) and speed (10 options).

Because that has been around for a long time, it is very easy to find recipes available that the same enthusiasts have placed on-line. However, the new Cook Key of the Thermomix you can connect the machine to your Wifi to download recipes from around the world Incredible! In case outside little, the device comes with more than 150 recipes downloaded, and membership for new recipes is $39 dollars a year.

Our opinion

It is very important for you to know that, although these three devices have an endless number of recipes on-line and written are not completely perfect and need some adjustments.

In our tests we noticed that, although the recipes specify the cooking time for some food, when we did so, it took much more or less than what it said on the recipe So many times, just use your logic!

Price and conclusions

mejores robots de cocina

Bellini: $400 on Amazon

Although it is the most economical choice, the Bellini is not perfect. To use it cost us a lot to remove and block the container the main and the lid. However, it is the bigger machine and has the most accessories.

All-Clad: $900 on Amazon

Prep and Cook is more portable than their opponents, and without a doubt has some preprogrammed settings well easy to use. However, although it is a versatile machine, if we compare them with the other two, has some limitations due to its bowl so small.

Thermomix: $1,448 usd in Thermomix

Although it is the most expensive of this list, offers a variety of accessories very interesting and functional. In addition, it is resistant, offers a long life and hundreds of people sharing their tips and recipes by the world.

Also, your touch screen tracking, it gives an easy introduction to the world of pots multiple and if that were not enough, offers a six-month trial, where you can get recipes of international dishes for download free of charge. Its only drawback is obviously the price.

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