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Do you want to buy the new iPhone? We tell you how and where to get it

Apple once again broke ground and surprised the market with the iPhone 2. Of course, this time he made it another way: offering a device with technology of last generation, but affordable. A perfect combination, considering the global economy. If you think that a phone of these features is a taste that you can give at this time, we tell you how to buy the iPhone 2 and where you’ll be able to do so.

How much does it cost?

Conoce dónde comprar el iPhone SE 2020

Considering as an updated version of the iPhone 8, which was discontinued by Apple, the iPhone IS second-generation part at $399 for the 64gb model storage. If you are looking for something with more capacity, you’ll be able to opt for the model of 128 GB for $449 dollars or the 256 GB for $549 dollars.

In Spain, the initial price for the alternative with the least capacity will be considerably more expensive: 489 euros, equivalent to nearly $534 usd.

Among other features, the device also features the chip A13 Bionic, considered one of the processors more powerful in the market and the same holding the iPhone 11, iPhone and ipad 11 Pro, screen Retina HD 4.7-inch, a main button of Touch ID, and resistance to water and dust level IP67.

When will it be available?

The presale for the phone is available from 5.00 AM PDT Friday 17 April 2020 on the website of Apple and T-Mobile. If you are interested in hurry up, the device will be available in Apple, authorized retailers and other carriers since the 24th of April, both the united States and in 40 other countries

Where do you buy it?

In addition to Apple, it will be possible to make purchases in advance through T-Mobile. Other operators have not confirmed if they will offer this alternative. Anyway, the device will also be available on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon from the 24th of April 2020, according to the Apple web site.

  • Apple: If you want to buy an unlocked device for any company you can do so directly on the website The manufacturer will offer to their customers in the united States since the $399 for the 64gb model. You can also take you to the replacement program by $229 dollars for a time or the giving in part payment an old computer, provided that it is in good condition.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint/Metro: T-Mobile owns Metro and recently merged with Sprint, confirmed that these three operators will be selling the new device from Apple, with “great deals” for their clients Magenta. Although he could not specify the benefits, has created a site to take advantage of it when you start the pre-sale. Since the 24th of April, will be available on the three carriers.

*News in development. The update as we have more information.

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