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Do you really there was unwanted access of apps on Facebook?

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The weekend the world was rocked admitting to Facebook that millions of accounts they would have been threatened. It was a mess additional to the collapse that seems to live the star product of Zuckerberg, and that would, more if possible, in question the safeguard of our data. Well, everything is not so terrible: Facebook has confirmed that it has “no evidence” that it has been no unwanted access through this vulnerability.

This is not a denial really overwhelming, because it seems that those responsible for the network covering the backs in the event that it is discovered, later, access, but it seems that the evil is not as great as feared.

“We have analyzed our records of all the third party applications that use Facebook as a login and so far, that research has not found evidence that the attackers wanted to access it this way,” explains Guy Rosen, product manager for the company.

After having knowledge Facebook the flight of the credentials on the 25th of September, got in touch with the more than 90 million accounts affected, urging them to change their passwords immediately, creating at the time a new token for access.

As we read in Techcrunch, the company is already working on a “new tool” that would allow the developers to manually identify the users of their apps that have been affected, so that they can remove your access.”

This serious security breach would have affected five million users in the entire European Union, an area where you look at with special concern of the privacy policy of Facebook, and where, due to the new laws, could punish millonariamente to the company if it is discovered that didn’t take care to safeguard the data.

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