Do you play Fortnite on your phone? You can use controls on the Bluetooth on Android and iPhone

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We have good news if you use your phone or tablet to play Fortnite. The last update of the game allows both the players of Android and iOS tend to access controls third-party Bluetooth.

If you enjoy video games, it is almost impossible that you haven’t joined the millions of players that are part of Fortnite: Battle Royale. The massive game of Epic Games presents a combination of third-person shooter, and construction of fortresses, and has taken the world by storm with a legion of players around the world continuing to rise, many of them breaking the schemes and records of streaming.

A remarkable feature of Fortnite is that it allows cross-platform play, or interplay, which means that players computers, consoles and mobile devices can play together regardless of the system they are using.

However, as perhaps you checked it, try playing a game of fast paced action like Fortnite on a touch screen phone or tablet puts you at a disadvantage when you face an enemy that uses a control, a mouse or a keyboard. Fortunately, the wireless controls can take full advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity to solve this problem, leveling the playing field when you want to play Fortnite at any place.

With this in mind, the latest update to the game allows both the players of Android and iOS tend to access controls third-party Bluetooth. This is definitely great news that will provide a great advantage to those who use it, bringing the mobile experience to the that you can enjoy on a console or computer.

If you have a phone of Apple, the controllers Made for iPhone (MFi) will work with the game. These include the driver SteelSeries Nimbus and the Gamevice, that turn your iPhone into a sort of Nintendo Switch.

Android users have more options when it comes to controls to play Fortnite. According to the press release from Epic Games, the Android devices will work with “most of the adapters controls of Bluetooth, such as SteelSeries Stratus XL, Gamevice, Razer Raiju and Bike Gamepad”. The controls of the Xbox One with support for Bluetooth should also work on Android.

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