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Do you have a Google Home? Follow these tips and tricks

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The owners of any Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max have already tested their devices and discovered their abilities. However, developers now have the ability to create skills of third parties, increasing the uses of the voice assistant of Google. Therefore, we believe that will be very useful these tips and tricks for the Google Home that you have. This way, you’ll be able to customize your report in the morning, put a name to your device, or you discover some functions that desconocías the wizard of Google.

Hey, Google!

Apple has Siri and Amazon Echo has a Alexa, but the engineers behind the Google Home and other devices powered by Android have adhered firmly to the “Google Assistant”.

And, despite the comments of the users, Google only allows users to wake the device by saying “OK, Google,” Hey, Google” or, curiously, “OK, Boo Boo.”

However, there is a way to make the wizard you call with a different name when you respond, you’ll be able to make that call you by your nickname preferred or opt for “Your Highness”, for example.

Use your mad skills to automate … everything

A day will come when devices like the Home will be delivered via drones, are carried over automatically from their own boxes and are connected virtually alone. But, while we wait for that to happen, it is vital for the users to learn a bit more about IFTTT.

IFTTT is what is called a “service of creation of applets”. The acronym represents the basic idea of its creator: “If This, Then That”. Basically, it is a simple way to make your Home make cool things for you automatically.

After you download the application, you will be able to create modules of command that can integrate with applications on the Google Assistant, such as Tasker and Autovoice, to automate certain functions. For example, you could wake up in the morning and say “Hey, Google”, and the Home could change the color of your lamps Hue, turn on your favorite program, NPR and prepare a cup of coffee.

You can also configure it to respond to the notifications, which will alert you when that special someone sends you a email, track your hours in Google Calendar and make backups of texts in a worksheet so you do not miss any valuable work or personal interactions.

Basic applications

But if you don’t need so many functions, it is still important that you use the core applications of Home to make your life easier. It is worthwhile to see a list of the basic commands available to your Home, which means, for example, ask questions to the Google Assistant, set alarms, connect to your calendar, and perform a number of other basic commands to become better acquainted with your new partner virtual.

You can also set up multiple users on your device Home. When you use the matching function of voice in the application, you can set your device to recognize you and to provide you with personalized answers. For example, you can request information about your next trip and the Google Assistant will recognize your voice and will give you your trip information, not that of your partner.

Purchase with Google Express

Google spares no expense to help the products Home and its Google Assistant to ripen, and that means that new features will be available all the time.

One of the biggest complaints of the owners, at the time of the launch of the device Home, was that, unlike its competitor, Alexa, not allow users to shop through these devices.

But that has changed since Google announced that Home would be integrated with Google Express, the shopping platform of the company.

The service allows users to make orders in dozens of stores, including Walgreens, Whole Foods, Costco, and Toys R Us. Users will be able to request products that cost between $4 and $100 just to apply for them, and the device will offer a total which will include tax and shipping costs before confirming the order.

Read and respond to messages

One of the new features of the Google Assistant is its ability to manage your SMS messages or text. So, if you tell the Google Assistant “Show my messages”, you’ll see the texts unread. But if you ask, “do I have a message?”, The Google Assistant really will read your unread messages. The device home you can also read messages from Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts, but unfortunately, the feature currently is only compatible with the Google Pixel, the Pixel XL and other Android smartphones.

Customize your morning report

One of the functions that the owners of the Home were adopted more quickly is the command is a universal command to “tell me about my day”, which triggers a voice report.

But some basic users may not have realized is that the command “Tell me about my day” can be customized to provide different information.

In the menu, it is possible to select different categories, including weather, traffic conditions, and reminders from Google Calendar and even the status of your next flight. It is also possible not to cut the report at the end, but the default Start option is a news feed customized.

Embrace the ecosystem

Without a doubt, the Home was designed to function within the ecosystem of Google, and as such, the product is most useful for people that use other services frequently, such as Google Calendar and Google Keep.

With these services, your Home really can be your own personal assistant. You can check your calendar, set reminders or add items to your shopping list with a simple voice command. Google Home also works with several smart products, including the Google Cast, Nest, Philips Hue and Smart Things. Other products have announced support in the last few months, and the list continues to grow.

To connect

While the Home may not equate to Alexa in terms of connected applications, at least not yet, the personal assistant works well with the streaming services most common. For music, you can connect your device to Pandora, TuneIn, Google Music and Spotify, and use Netflix or YouTube to films and videos.

If you use any of these services, it is a good idea to link your accounts. You can also choose your music service preferred, so when you tell Google to “play music”, will begin playing automatically from your provider of music favorite.

Your device Google Home will also act as a receiver for Chromecast, so any application that works with Chromecast you can also control to go to the Google Assistant.

In addition, you can connect your Home to your account for Uber and other third-party services. Kayak, Domino’s, Food Network and WebMD have all “services” that you can use.

And, unlike Alexa, you do not need to enable, but you may need to create or link an account. To see a list of all the services in your application, select Menu, More, settings and Services.

Name your devices

Devices Google Home are meant to be the center of your intelligent life. If you have a Chromecast Google is connected to your tv, for example, you can use your Home to play a video from YouTube or a song from Pandora on your tv.

This is not too complicated if you only have a device connected, but if you have multiple devices connected, you will want to customize their names. You can change the name of your Chromecast to “TV”, for example, or “living Room”. You will need to choose a name that is easier to say than “Chromecast” and another that will help you remember the location of your device.

Mute the microphone and get privacy

One of the reasons why the Home are so useful is that they are always listening. For most people, to ask a question to the Home or to issue a command of hands-free is its most useful feature.

However, this feature can be a little disconcerting for some people. Do you really want Google, or any other company, listen to everything you say? It is also possible that the Home participate in your conversations, even if you have not called directly. Fortunately, you only need to press the mute button on the back of the device to turn off the feature “always listening”.

Have some fun

Like Alexa, Google Assistant tiene sense of humor. So, if we request the “Things you can do”, the device will offer a variety of fun activities, including poetry and even a series of games.

With a quick search, you can also give the Home some fun questions and if you have a birthday party, even you can say: “OK Google, sings “Happy Birthday”.

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