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Do you hate to fold clothes? The machine Foldimate does it for you

In the CES 2019 it’s not all phones, tv’s that seem to movie screens or lenses of virtual reality. We have also encountered some devices are a little different, but still quite useful, as the automatic machine to fold clothes, Foldimate.

Several years ago, to do the laundry in our home is a bit more easy, thanks to washing machines and tumble dryers, however, to escape the messy job of folding clothes was something that was thought impossible until now.

The Foldimate seeks to make your life easier, by doing much of the work for you. Although the prototype of this device made its first appearance at CES last year, until now that is presented as a real project, with a slimmer design and the ability to make a demonstration to all spectators.

And of course, we took advantage of our visit not only to take pictures and to ask our questions to the creators, but also to test it and verify its effectiveness at the time of folding clothes.

The device has approximately four feet of height. The way to make it work is very simple. You just need to put a shirt or pants between a pair of clamps located at each end of the tray that grips the garment and inserts it in the machine. The machine then bends magically each piece and deposits it in a tray bottom, creating a kind of tower, but that, in place of block, it is made up of clothes perfectly folded. Worth refine the process it takes to bend each piece takes about 10 to 15 seconds.

However, the Foldimate is not perfect, since it has certain limitations. Unfortunately, still does not accept other items of clothing other than a shirt or pants, that is to say that can’t bend or bed sheets, underwear, or those annoying pair of socks.

Also, there is a device accessible to everyone, because the price guideline is around $960 dollars.

After knowing all the qualities and the weak points of this machine, the big question is would you be able to buy it? And the truth is that it all depends on your priorities of life and how bulky is your pocket for a to buy a wizard double your shirts and pants.

Here’s a video of our experience with the Foldimate and how quick and efficient they doubled the shirts that they had to make the demonstration.

Although many people pointed out that this device attempts to solve a problem that is not really a problem, others noted that Foldimate would be an excellent aid for people with disabilities, which is a very valid point.

In short, the decision is in your hands. Although it is a device a little strange and for some unnecessary, can be of great help for those with disabilities or those who have money to spare and want your clothes folded as the stores.

It is expected that the machine for folding clothes, Foldimate, is available in the market at the end of 2019.

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