Do Mac frozen? So you can return to the life

There are few things more frustrating that your Mac fails in full fatigues. If you’ve ever lost all the work on a Mac frozen, or have experienced slowdowns with frequency as a result of the blocking of the machine, don’t despair. We have gathered the most common solutions for when your Mac freezes and stops responding. In other words: how to resurrect a Mac frozen.

To force the closure of applications that do not respond

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The first thing that you must try if your Mac does not respond, is to check if any application has been frozen, since sometimes this may also lock your computer. If an application has crashed and is closed, it will not work, so try pressing Ctrl + click on the icon in the Dock, then moves the pointer to the Exit button. Option Hold (labeled as Alt on some keyboards Mac) and Quit becomes Force Quit; click there.

Alternatively, try to press Opt + Cmd + Esc to open the window to Force close. Select the application you wish to close, click Force quit (or Relaunch it if the Finder has been frozen), then click Force quit in the confirmation dialog box.

If your Mac is completely locked, and the previous steps do not work, then press Ctrl + Opt + Cmd and the power button at the same time; this will restart your Mac.

Reset the system management controller

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The system’s memory controller (SMC) manages all types of functions behind the scenes on your Mac, from the administration of the battery to the backlight of the keyboard. If your Mac is still freezin’, it could be that the SMC need to be restarted.

What you need to do will depend on if your Mac has a security chip T2. If you are using a MacBook that doesn’t have it (which means that you don’t have at least a MacBook Pro in 2016 or later), turn it off, then press Shift + Ctrl + Opt and the power button at the same time. Hold down all these keys during 10 seconds and then release. Now press the power button to turn on your Mac. If you are using a desktop Mac without a chip T2 (like an iMac), turn it off, disconnect the power cord and wait 15 seconds, re-plug it in and turn it on.

If your Mac has a chip T2, the process is different. Both MacBooks and Mac desktop, power off the device and then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Drop it and wait a few seconds, then tap it again to turn on the Mac.

If you are using a MacBook older with a removable battery, you’ll need to follow the steps listed on the Apple website.


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The PRAM and NVRAM of your Mac are small sections of memory that store certain settings that the computer needs to access quickly. If your Mac is freezing, it could be that there is an error with the PRAM or NVRAM.

The reset could help, and the process is the same for both cases. First, shut down the Mac, then turn the power on and immediately press Opt + Cmd + P + R. Hold these keys for 20 seconds; your Mac will restart during this time, but keep the keys pressed for 20 seconds.

If the Mac usually plays a startup sound when I turn on, release the keys once you’ve heard. If the Mac has a security chip T2, you can release them once the logo of Apple has appeared and disappeared for the second time.

Keep in mind that if you have configured a password of firmware, you must disable it before you can reset the PRAM and the NVRAM. Apple has instructions on how to disable the password of the firmware on its website.

Boot into safe mode

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Boot the Mac in safe mode may solve the problems associated with the freeze or can help you identify what is causing the problem. The safe mode checks the integrity of your startup disk, and turns off the execution of certain applications and processes.

To boot into safe mode, turn off the Mac, power it back on and immediately press and hold down the Shift key. Release the Shift key when you see the login window. If you have encrypted your boot disk with FileVault, you may need to log on twice: once to unlock the boot disk, and the second to log in Finder.

Now try to restart your Mac using the startup procedure normal. If you can use your Mac without a problem, then safe mode might have fixed the lock. If the freezing persists when you use your Mac out of safe mode, it is possible that you have a problem with the login items (applications that are loaded the first time you log in), Wifi networks or an external device, since they are all disabled or limited by safe mode.

The support page from Apple has more information about safe mode, which can help.

Running the diagnostic Test of Apple (or the hardware Test of Apple Macs previous)

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If the freezing continues and you think it might be due to a hardware problem, run the diagnostic Test from Apple. First, disconnect all external devices except the keyboard, mouse, display, Ethernet connection (if you’re using) and the power cable. Make sure that your Mac is on a solid, flat surface and that is well ventilated, then turn it off.

Turn on your Mac and then press and hold the key D. Protected key pressed until a screen appears asking you to select a language. Choose your language and wait while running the diagnostic test. This should only take a couple of minutes.

If the test finds any problems, it will list along with possible solutions. Also you give reference codes to any problem is detected, in addition to ways to communicate with Apple so you can fix it.

If your Mac is prior to June 2013, you must use the Tool to test hardware from Apple.

Take your Mac to an Apple store

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Sometimes, the only thing you can do is to take your Mac to Apple and you look at it; it is the best decision to take if you have tried all the above steps and still you can’t prevent your Mac from freezing.

To find the Apple store closest to you or the authorized service provider of Apple, visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

You don’t have to go directly to Apple to repair your Mac; the workshops of repair of third-party can also help. It is a good idea to make sure that the one you choose is an authorized service provider of Apple, because these shops only use original parts and must be approved by Apple for the quality of their services.

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