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Compare Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 to see the changes

The screens intelligent are becoming more common as smart devices for the home, as the bells video, do you need to see and hear what you are capturing. Although the speakers smart play in this task, the displays can provide not only functionality, but also something fun. One of these is the Echo Show second generation, a reduced version and improved the first model. Below, we compare Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 to tell you what is the best smart screen. Although the Echo Show second-generation represents a comprehensive improvement with respect to the first version, you probably want to know the details and assess on your own if it’s worth it to make the leap to the new device.


Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2

The second generation of the Echo Show has a design significantly different to that of 2017, so that we will analyze in detail the Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 in size, horns, and materials.

Size: Technically, the Echo Show 2018 is 246 mm x 174 mm x 107 mm, while the 2017 measures 187 mm x 187 mm x 90 mm the square shape of The original was replaced by a rectangular design, where the screen has a predominant place with an array of microphones on the top that does not occupy much space.

Speakers: The Echo Show originally had a front panel with two speakers of 2 inch were placed in a side-by-side. In the model 2018 the two speakers, although they are of the same size, were separated and located at the sides, with a pyramid shape on the decline. The effect allows the speakers to be invisible, and, in addition, it improves the direction of the sound.

Materials: as with the other products of the second generation of Amazon, the Echo Show, 2018 and changed the black plastic, smooth coating fabric, which is available in dark grey or white. Is more friendly to the home, but also more difficult to clean if something falls on the surface.


Comparamos las pantallas de la Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2

The Echo Show 2017 has a touch screen rectangular 7 inches placed on the horn. With the speakers pushed to the sides, the Show 2018 is practically a full-screen, but there is more. The screen of the current model measures 10.1 inches and has a shape more rectangular, closer to the shape of a flat traditional. Amazon now the are calling explicitly the HD screen, which is also reflected in the upgrade in resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels with high-definition video of 720p.

However, the larger screen is also an important step forward for the everyday use. Many people tend to view videos on your Echo Show located in the kitchen, so a larger screen makes it easier to see details at a distance.


En materia de rendimiento, Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 estás prácticamente equiparadas.

In most aspects, the performance of the Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 is identical, particularly in terms of speed and what they can do. Both can perform almost everything they do other devices Echo, in addition to displaying information on the screen

The two teams offer videos of YouTube, Amazon Prime and even Hulu. Can connect to most other devices in your home smart and control them through voice commands. Of course, both can act as devices to video call with a simple “Alexa, call my dad,“ in addition to having support for Skype.

The Echo Show 2 differs because it allows the control of local speech, so that it can respond to certain requests, such as controlling the lights, even when the devices are not connected to the Internet.

One of the biggest problems with the Echo original Show were your front speakers, that had the best qualities for directional and it was pretty disappointing.

Amazon realized this. The Echo Show 2018 not only has two speakers of 2 inch located in another position, a passive radiator of low processing and Dolby. The difference between Echo Show vs. Echo Show 2 is significant. The clarity of the speakers of the Echo 2018 is ideal for everything from following a football game to fill with music your party. In other words, if you like the music or watch videos in your Echo Show, the model 2018 is for you.

Pricing and availability

Echo Show 2 ofrece más alternativas de compra

The Echo Show 2 can be purchased on Amazon for $230 dollars. The Echo Show original is still available, and you can get a updated version for about $130 dollars. However, it may not be available at that price permanently.

In addition, the Echo Show 2 comes with more promotions in comparison with the original Show. You can buy it with other gadgets for the smart home, such as a Ring Video Doorbell Pro or a bulb smart free, that may be good options if you want the attributes to intelligent your home.

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