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Comfort first of all! These are the best office chairs

Anyone who has a typical job in the office from 9 to 5 knows how exhausting routine can be and sitting half the day. Our backs are not made to stay in a desk for so many hours, but often we have no other option. However, having the best office chairs, designed to withstand the best comfort and good posture, is a practical, necessary and very valuable solution.

The best chairs on the market go beyond what you would expect. Many offer exceptional ergonomic benefits, breathable mesh backs and excellent lumbar support, while providing a wide range of customization options ranging from colors, to specific upholstery. None of them will be the panacea of ​​your working day, at least, not in the way that a standing desk would, but the personalized suspension and the appropriate aesthetics go far. We have made a selection of the best office chairs you can get today.

The best

Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller
Herman Miller

Although this chair is more famous for its high price than for its qualities, we must admit that it can meet anyone's expectations. This chair offers a dynamic matrix of "pixels" that allows the seat and back to adjust automatically to each movement of your body, while the center column and flexible ribs of the chair work to maintain a proper posture, regardless of whether you lean forward or recline.

As if that were not enough, these movement capabilities also help to promote a better flow of your blood and oxygen. In addition, it has an advanced tilt mechanism that helps fight unwanted tension of the hip, neck and lower back.

Herman Miller Embody adapts perfectly to your body, comes in a variety of colors and features a skin-like cover for increased airflow.

  Price: $ 1,495 dollars

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Allsteel Acuity


While many office chairs use a series of buttons and levers to personalize the chair and make it more comfortable, Acuity adjusts to your body and changes position.

This wonderful chair automatically modifies the lumbar support, as well as the angular recline, by adapting to the pressure and weight distribution. In addition, the large openings in the mesh help to make your body's perspiration more optimal.

The most interesting of all is that you can customize the backrest of your chair with a leather case without laces, much more sophisticated, if your work style so deserves it.

Price: $ 371 dollars

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Steelcase Gesture


The Steelcase Gesture is one of the most elegant office chairs on the market. Its peculiar shape at the back of the back with a pronounced curvature and its flexibility makes the chair compatible with the natural shape of the spine and helps minimize tension in the lower back.

To make matters worse, also has an ergonomic structure to place the arms and so they can rest while you write.

Physically it has a semi-matte finish on the back and a polished metal wheelbase that complement the modern design of the chair. Steelcase said that its Gesture chair is capable of supporting up to 400 pounds, which means that weight should not be a problem.

Price: $ 1,010 dollars or more

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Steelcase Leap


For a long time, the Steelcase Leap has been the flagship of the company for being one of the most popular office chairs on the market, due to all the meticulous research that was done before creating it, the dedication that was used in its preparation and of course, the result is amazing.

This chair depends on the company's LiveBack system, which allows you to conveniently and independently adjust the seat and backrest of the chair for better support. In addition, the back imitates the natural shape of your spine throughout the day, which helps promote better posture, while the innovative sliding system of the chair allows you to rest without having to orient yourself away from your computer.

Price: $ 917 dollars or more

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DXRacer Formula Series DOH / FH08 / NW


While the DXRacer Formula series is actually a gaming chair, it has many ergonomic features that help you feel like a king, while you send your morning report to the boss.

This chair has an adjustable lumbar pillow and another for the head, which allows you to feel more comfortable, as if you were sitting in your bed. In addition, you have the possibility to move the backrest of the seat and the armrests as you wish, so that they adapt to your posture, but remember that a straight backrest helps to keep your spine aligned.

But what makes it really special, is that when you sit on it it looks like you're piloting a spaceship instead of answering emails.

Price: $ 349 dollars

Buy it now at:


The best of the biggest

Ikea Markus


Undoubtedly, Ikea is the undisputed king of low-cost real estate solutions, which also look great in your work or home and the swivel chair Markus is a perfect example of this.

This chair is simple and practical, as it has a breathable mesh back and a built-in lumbar support designed for ergonomic comfort. It is available in three colors: light gray, dark gray and black, and has levers to adjust the height and inclination of the chair to your liking.

Price: $ 199 dollars

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The others

Raynor Ergohuman


This chair not only has a full mesh back, it also has multiple easy-to-use features such as tilt tension control, rear angle adjustment and lumbar support, plus the normal set of adjustments to customize the height and angle of inclination.

Currently there are a lot of models to choose from, some of which replace mesh seats with leather cushions, designed to give you more comfort during marathon work sessions.

Although it is not economic, all the functions they have make it worth the investment.

Price: $ 624 dollars

Buy it now at:


Knoll ReGeneration

office chairs knoll regeneration thumb

The ReGeneration is unique and is inspired by the bridges of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Take advantage of flexible and resistant materials that respond intuitively to your movements to provide general comfort throughout the day. It is based on the success of its predecessor, providing a contoured frame that offers a flexible mesh back and adjustable lumbar support. The chair also adjusts the amount of support according to your position when sitting. The fact that much of its manufacture uses materials derived from soy and corn also suggests a clear ecological compatibility.

Price: $ 604 + dollars

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ItalModern Bungie High Back Office

office chairs italmodern bungie high back office chair

If you are looking for something cheaper than many of the options on this list, the ItalModern Bungie offers a unique vision for what is a traditional office chair. It has bungee cords tied to the steel structure, which gives it a little more elasticity. While it may not have the luxurious look of a leather chair, it does not have the price of one of them either. Bungee cords also provide support and flexibility, ideal for those who feel uncomfortable when sitting in a stiff chair. However, it can leave you with marks on your legs, if you are wearing a skirt or shorts, so keep that in mind.

Price: $ 302 dollars

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Herman Miller Sayl

office chairs herman miller sayl

La Sayl is Herman Miller's opportunity for an affordable chair, and while it cuts corners in terms of customization, the offer still manages to provide healthy support within a package that guarantees more than just appearance. The intelligent and frameless backrest of the chair allows you to move freely between the positions, since the flexible filaments provide additional support with different thicknesses and tensions. The designer Yves Behar relied on the construction of the strands in the framework of the suspension bridges, which – structurally – offer a large number of functions for the amount of material used. The backrest prevents stooping, with or without the optional lumbar support.

Price: $ 489 + dollars

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Amazon Office Designs

Office Star Air Grid

office chairs 91i3tcdignl

Not everyone wants to spend their entire salary on a quality office chair, and fortunately Air Grid proves that this is not necessary. The permeable mesh lining provides plenty of movement and keeps breathability to a minimum, while the two-in-one tilt feature allows you to adjust the backrest and seat angle as one. It is also comfortable, with built-in lumbar support and height adjustable arms that adapt to your individual needs with little effort. A reinforced nylon base provides greater strength and durability when sitting or moving.

Price: $ 143 + dollars

Buy it now at:

Amazon Office Designs

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