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CES 2019 has site for the toilets more intelligent and futuristic market

Like it or not, the smart devices have finally arrived to the bathroom. The fairs tend to be almost always a good showcase for the ideas of all kinds, even if they seem crazy and CES 2019 has not been an exception, exhibiting a wide range of… toilets smart. So, toilets are equipped with functions connected to the Internet, and attendees of voice among other things. We summarize below the best toilets smart the competition if you think investing in your home soon.


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The toilet smart Neorest NX2 giant Toto has been one of the winners of the prizes CES 2019 Innovation Awards. The company says that this toilet rounded is inspired by the “beauty of the pebbles rounded by water over time”, a comparison a bit strange for a place that one feel to get rid of the waste, but I believe. The toilet has sensors of high technology that allow you to open and close the lid automatically and discharge the water. Account with a system of cleaning staff integrated in the device that you apply warm water, an air dryer, heated seat and deodorizer in the container for the visit to the bathroom to be as comfortable as possible. The Neorest NX2 uses technology Actilight toilet-cleaning you spray the cup with water electrolyzed to remove the waste.


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The toilet smart Numi 2.0 Kohler has a feature that you never thought that you would need (and that maybe you’ll never need): Alexa built in. The Numi 2.0 is more an experience than a simple toilet seat; it has high quality speakers that you can use to play music or to speak with the voice assistant Amazon. The toilet also has built in lights that can reflect the mood or synced with the music you’re listening to. You can get all that for $ 7,000.


ces 2019 inodoros inubox open 2 720x720

Toilets smart are not just for people-your four-legged friends can also use them and this is what has been thought Inubox and your toilet all in one for dogs. You can detect when a dog has made to their needs, and then automatically package the waste as a clean platform for the dog to use it again. Although Inubox is not yet on the market, the creators are gearing up to try to finance the first round of manufacturing of the devices on Kickstarter.


ces 2019 inodoros lavviebot litter box 7 1 720x720

While dogs do not use a fixed site for your needs, the cats do, why not have a toilet smart for them, too? LavvieBot is a litter box for cats automated that you can clean up the waste and fill the trash when the time comes. You will need to clean the device every two weeks, but you will save more time to collect the waste that leaves your pet every time that it ends. The box has a connected app that will let you know when you have used it in the cat, for if this piece of information in particular is of utility. LavvieBot will be launched in may of 2019 on Indiegogo.

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