Between Windows 10, Mac os and Chrome OS: what is the best?

Comparamos Windows 10, MacOS y Chrome OS
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We know that choosing between Android or iOS is complicated and depends, in large measure, of the personal tastes of each one. And, in the same measure, you can choose between the operating systems like Windows 10, Mac os and Chrome OS can be tremendously difficult. In addition, the latest versions of software and hardware offer some new options for consumers at all levels of price and experience. Windows and Mac have been in active development for decades, and if you are looking for a computer for the job, the more likely it is that you decide on one of these two systems. But don’t underestimate the system Chrome OS, that has the signature of the technology giant Google and is based on the Chrome browser, with much of the same interface, and a centered design on the web. We know and we understand that it is not for the typical user, but Google has been constantly improving in recent years and it is worth considering for a broader base of users. Therefore, we wanted to analyze and compare in detail the three systems to which end it what could satisfy more your needs.

Do we start up?

Windows 10


  • The best selection of software and the widest variety of hardware
  • Works on desktop computers, laptops and tablets
  • The best option for players
  • Works with almost all accessories
  • Updates on a biannual basis introduce new features


  • A schedule of faster updates may become confusing
  • Compatibility problems with some hardware
  • The different versions create confusion
  • Microsoft struggle for modern applications

Windows 10 Microsoft holds approximately 90% of the market of desktop and laptop computers around the world. And the main reasons we can divide them into two factors: a variety of hardware and software.

Because Microsoft sells Windows licences to more or less any manufacturer, this means that you can get a device with Windows in almost any size, shape or price range.

Even Microsoft sells the pack Windows by itself, so that consumers and businesses can load it manually in your hardware. This approach wide open has allowed the company to conquer all the competitors in the last few decades.

It works with all

windows 10 macos chrome os comparativa microsoft surface book

Windows also has compatibility with the widest range of hardware. This is an important consideration if you want to play video games graphic intensity or working with software of great power, video editing or computer aided design. There is no system Chrome OS provides a desktop hardware of high quality, although MacOS has recently received hardware of last generation and ultra-powerful with his iMac Pro.

In addition, the ecosystem Windows PC has exploded in terms of different types of form factors available to buyers. There are laptops and traditional desktop, which are more potent and of higher quality than ever, and range in price from a few hundred dollars –in their choice of input level– up to thousands of green machines Premium. The market 2-in-1 is probably the most intriguing, because it gives users access to a large number of devices fascinating that you can pass in a second from laptops to tablets.

Although the majority of the accessories are universal since the introduction of the USB standard, Windows still has the greater technical compatibility with respect to third party add-ons. Thus, almost any mouse, keyboard, web camera, storage drive, tablet, printer, scanner, microphone, monitor, or other doodad that you want to add to your computer will work with Windows, thing that you can not always say Mac, and much less, of Chrome OS.

With Windows you also get universal controllers and up to date, some provided by Microsoft and others developed by the manufacturers of hardware, with a regularity more frequent than the alternatives. The conclusion is that, if there is something that you want to connect and use on your computer, provided Windows 10 will be your best option.

What is Windows for you?

Windows is in a better position than some years ago. Is more, the newest version, Windows 10, is more elegant and easier to understand than the previous editions, and receives frequent updates.

The problem of complexity, however, remains. It is likely that you find more errors with Windows than with your competition. But these errors are rarely like those fatal errors that used to drag to the systems of Windows to stop, and are compensated with the features and compatibility of hardware that is simply not offered by the competition of Microsoft.

Mac OS


  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Top-down approach of software and hardware
  • It works well with iPhones and iPads
  • Mac computers can also run Windows through Boot Camp


  • More expensive than Windows
  • Less software options
  • Very few games
  • Without touch-screen support
  • The recent updates have not been impressed

One of the promotional messages older Apple Mac computers and their software was: “it just works”. And the truth is that this philosophy applies, more or less, to everything that the company sells, including laptop and desktop computers, and the software MacOS associate.

Previously called OS X, the system MacOS runs on all Apple computers, and buy a machine Apple is the only legitimate way of accessing the same.

Because of this unique approach top-down for its products, Apple enjoys a more strict control on MacOS than any of their counterparts today.

MacOS is designed to run only in a variety of relatively small and highly controlled use of computers and parts, in comparison with millions of possible combinations for Windows.

This allows Apple to perform quality tests to be more intense for your products, optimize the software only for a few computers and provide services that can diagnose and solve problems with much greater speed and accuracy to manufacturers of Windows.

For the users who want their computer to “just work”, Macs are an attractive proposition.

It just works

windows 10 macos chrome os comparativa high sierra

The operating system itself is designed to be easy to operate, even for beginners. Although the interface of Windows 10 is simple in appearance, the Microsoft operating system has an infinite range of menus below. New computer users often find that MacOS is more intuitive than Windows 10, although the Windows users in the long term they may need some time to adapt to the interface and some important features, such as file explorer, MacOS, called the Finder, which has never been easy to understand.

Although the market of software for MacOS is not as large as in the case of Windows, it is sufficient for most purposes. Apple includes a set of internal programs to basic tasks, and the third-party software more popular, the Chrome browser from Google, is available in MacOS. Microsoft even produced a version of its suite of Office applications for the Apple hardware, and some of the best creative applications are available in superior versions for MacOS. It’s not strange that MacOS is a popular choice for the design and production of media, and many applications focused on the art are only available for the Mac, including the suite of video editing Final Cut Pro from Apple.

That said, MacOS is at a disadvantage for gamers, since most of the new games are not available on this platform. The titles of Windows that are extremely popular may (or may not) have a version for MacOS. However, for those people, the Mac can be a good solution thanks to the application Boot Camp from Apple. This utility helps users prepare for any Mac computer to run Windows instead of (or as an option that can be changed) your operating system built in, which allows access to the majority of the applications and capabilities of Windows.

This requires a separately purchased license of Windows 10, although it is also possible to run other operating systems, such as Linux, in Boot Camp. (Windows machines can also boot Linux and other operating systems of third parties, but you can’t authorize the license of MacOS for use on a hardware that is not Apple). The Mac can even run Windows at the same time that MacOS via virtualization tools such as Parallels or VMWare, offering even more flexibility for those who like the way it works MacOS, but need access to some specific software Windows.

What is MacOS for you?

Computers Mac and MacOS are for users who want a desktop experience premium without having to work on it.

The philosophy of Apple makes its software is relatively accessible for newcomers. It is also a great option for people who are dedicated to the products Apple mobile.

However, Mac systems are expensive and often do not offer hardware on par with the alternatives of Windows. The operating system also lacks certain features that can be found in Windows, such as touch support and a focus on mixed reality.

Chrome operating system


  • Simple and easy interface based on a browser
  • Software lightweight
  • Hardware options extremely affordable
  • Android applications expand the software ecosystem


  • The applications are limited in comparison with the “real” of a PC
  • Limited storage space
  • Poor compatibility of accessories
  • Heavy reliance on Google tools

The approach of Google to the world of desktop hardware is very interesting. Chrome OS was designed, originally, as an operating system that depended primarily on the constant access to the Internet, which made sense, since it was designed as an extension of the desktop browser Chrome.

The hardware is Chrome, generally referred to as “Chromebook” laptop computers and, sometimes, “Chromebox” for designs of desktop, is intended for users who rely primarily on the web, and only occasionally use desktop software more complex.

Although that is slowly changing. For example, Google has a built-in file manager on the Chrome operating system, and the addition of the compatibility with Android applications greatly expands what you can do with the operating system when it is not connected. But it is still an environment simplistic in comparison with Windows and MacOS.

It is a web world

windows 10 macos chrome os comparativa asus chromebook

As Chrome OS is built around its browser, it is the least complex of the three major operating systems on the market. Call it a “browser in a box” are not completely defined… but it is a good way to think of it. Although Chrome OS includes some basic tools of desktop as a file manager and a photo viewer, its main focus is the content on the web, although that is beginning to change with the arrival of the compatibility of Android applications.

The interface is designed for users to access the web quickly and easily, and to present the fewest possible obstacles to the content of the Internet. Anyone using the Chrome browser on a machine with Windows or MacOS you will feel comfortable instantly with the interface, and all your history saved, bookmarks and extensions are synced.

Devices Chrome to stand out on the web browsing, streaming video and music, chat, and video conferencing, and other tasks web relatively simple. The back-end of Linux operating system can do anything that can make the Chrome browser on a desktop, including advanced applications of Flash and Java. The extensions and apps from the Chrome can change the interface and add additional functionality to a certain extent, but lack the precise control and the options of “power user” of Windows and MacOS. This is where comes into play the compatibility with Android, which offers millions of new variety of applications that extend enormously the experience of Chrome OS.

Given that Google designed the system to rely on Chrome, it is understandable that you rely on Google tools to a greater degree that Windows is dependent on Microsoft software and MacOS of Apple software. That can be a good thing… or bad, depending on how you were raised as a user on Google properties.

What is Chrome OS for yourself?

Originally, Chrome OS practically does not offer compatibility with external software, although, of course, Google is changing this dynamic by providing access to the Play Store with Android. The Chromebook does not work with accessories advanced, such as a hardware complex for games. Google simply does not provide the controls. Can handle keyboards basic mice, USB drives, and add-ons Bluetooth, but that is all.

Meanwhile, the games on Chrome OS are one of the most significant benefits of the support of Android. If you would rather not run the titles of games massive available for Windows, and, to a much lesser extent MacOS, there are at least hundreds of thousands of Android games that should work fairly well on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes more new. This is a significant improvement that you must take into account.

In summary, Chrome OS is almost all web or online, all the time. If you are a Windows user or a Mac and often find that the browser is the only application that you are using or do you agree with the huge ecosystem of Android apps more simple, then you should seriously consider this system. But the lack almost complete the third-party software most advanced is a decisive factor for anyone who relies on a computer for more complex tasks.

The simplicity and focus of Chrome OS is good for users whose interactions are on the web. Its low cost of entry is appealing for anyone who has a tight budget, but the users that require a software more complex or more demanding tasks should look in other side.


If you still have doubts, we will analyze the main desktop operating systems based on some features that could help you decantarte by one or the other.


The Apple hardware is expensive, and almost always you will have options of designs of Windows premium fairly equivalent, unless you’re looking at the line Surface from Microsoft, is at the height of the more expensive Apple.

Windows is not cheap, the manufacturers of laptops and desktop computers have to pay Microsoft for using it, but it is available in a wide variety of hardware and prices, sometimes well below the point of entry of $500 dollars.

But if you need the basic functionality and the price is the only factor, the Chromebook can be purchased from $200 dollars, an amazing deal, although you can also spend over $1,000 on a Pixelbook, if you want to.

Ease of use

MacOS has traditionally been considered much easier to use than Windows, perhaps due to the slavish devotion of Apple to the design of the user interface.

Chrome OS, in virtue of its extreme simplicity, it also beats Windows in this regard.

But keep in mind that Windows 10 has improved dramatically in ease of use, and it is the best of these operating systems for tablets.

Searching on the web

Chrome OS is the best choice if all you do is browse the web because that is what it does best.

If most of your digital life is in the cloud and is not related to the storage or local programs, Chrome OS is an excellent service without any complications.

Both Windows and MacOS can handle any software of browser available, including Chrome, but users who only use the web can be considered that the rest of its functions are a distraction.


Chrome OS has problems with productivity due to its limited selection of apps, although that is changing with the compatibility with Android applications. Even editing a photo is more difficult than with the other systems, and there is no equivalent of Photoshop, and other applications of high range.

Windows and MacOS will work in most situations, but Windows has the overall advantage of the availability of compatible hardware faster and a huge ecosystem of third-party applications.

The Windows 2-in-1 is perhaps the most iconic of why Windows is the more productive environment, as it offers the possibility of easily switching mode with support for keyboard and mouse/mouse to a touch pad, and centered in the pencil.


Windows is the only real option for the players. The market Steam is the seller of PC games in the world, while the selection on the platform MacOS is more limited.

In addition, we must not forget the initiative Play Anywhere from Microsoft that allows users to buy a game for Xbox and enjoy it in Windows 10, and vice versa.

Chrome OS has a limited selection that consists in its entirety in the online games, although you should also bear in mind that the library Android is wide, but not particularly deep.


It is impossible to deny that Apple makes some of the best computers on the market, and many of their customers are loyal to the company just because of this. MacOS is an easy choice for a machine of quality.

That said, the firm refusal of Apple to accept designs of touch screen is hurting users that want more flexibility, and the recent Windows machines from Dell, Asus and other manufacturers are rivaling (and sometimes surpassing) the best deals on Mac because of power and quality.

The machines with the operating system Chrome Premium are few, although the Pixelbook and the Chromebook Pro Samsung teams are very noticeable.

You’ll Want To Windows…

If you’re thinking about buying a new computer, then Windows probably lend you the best service and this is true in almost all levels except in the range of lower prices, where they earn the computers Chrome OS.

However, Windows has a long history that has not always been favorable, but Windows 10 is a great operating system. Updates quickly, is full of features and has a wide compatibility with the software and the hardware.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on January 18, 2019.

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