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Are you ready? Watch the trailer of what awaits in season 10 of Fortnite

We are at the gates to see the much anticipated season 10 of Fortniteand Epic Games gave a taste of what we can expect about a day before its debut on August 1, posting a video with a brief advance of the story, they see explosions, space travel, and various characters and items that surely will arouse the expectation of fans and curious.

The trailer comes only a couple of days after that Epic published a picture of the next season which appears to show a character mechanic, which could significantly alter the way in which to play Battle Royale.

In effect, an image of what appears to be a vehicle or character mechanic, known in English as a mech, was published in the official Twitter account of Fortnite, with a note that said that the fans will see the 1 of August. The mech seems to have two different styles of arms, as one arm gets a weapon twice and the other has only a gun.

A little over a week, the players who started their games were met with a fight between a sea monster called Kaiju, and a giant robot, which is developed right in the middle of the map of Battle Royale. The fight ended with the defeat of the sea creature and the mech danced comically before taking off into the sky. This left in ruins some of the locations of Battle Royale, but not so much to completely alter your appearance as we have seen in previous seasons.

The mechanical robots are not the only thing that Epic Games has been showing to arouse expectation about season 10. On the 28th of July, the Twitter account published a picture that appeared to show a Dusty Depot, an area that had long been destroyed and replaced by a crater on the map of Battle Royale. Given that the history of Fortnite has dealt with all kinds of inter-dimensional travel and scientific phenomena strange, it would be logical to think that an event that breaks the barrier of time is certainly possible.

The content update full latest in Fortnite will be launched at the beginning of this month, and celebrating the second birthday of the game. Birthday gifts containing items legendary were scattered around the map, and also you could find birthday cakes that contain health upgrades and shields.

The main addition of weapons was a sniper rifle Storm Scout, which came with an elegant design and futuristic, but the creative mode got the better new content. Added sets of films, that allow players to organize their own productions of Hollywood.

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