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Apple releases update to iOS to fix the error of FaceTime

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The surprising error in FaceTime came out with an expensive Apple. Not only will you have to answer before Congress the u.s. is the security flaw that allowed to see the person you are calling before they answer, but that is now going to compensate the teenager that he discovered the mistake a week before Apple is condescending to do something.

Grant Thompson, 14 years old and his family were not able to get in contact with the company during that period of time. However, for having found the bug, Apple will compensate for the teenager under the rules of your program that compensates people who find this kind of vulnerabilities private. In addition, the company will also help in the education of the boy. Were not specified in the figures.

Thursday, February 7, an update to the iOS 12.4.1 was deployed, to make actualizaicones security.

The error of FaceTime activate your microphone and your camera, allowing you to hear or see you before you’ve even answered a call, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or a Mac computer. And therefore, that also means that those who you called could have been watching or listening to what was happening around you, even though you’ve decided not to answer.

The problem was in the beginning to be related to the role Group Calls on FaceTime, which was launched in 2018, and that’s why Apple disabled the call group while working on a solution. The troubling failure came to light on the 28th of January, and it was proven many times by owners of iPhones, many of which published their results in social networks.

The error seems to affect calls between mobile Apple devices running the operating system iOS 12.1 or later, and also happens on Mac computers that receive a call from FaceTime.

FaceTime allows video and audio calls between the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and clearly this error presented a serious privacy issue for the technology giant.

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