Apple prevents Google to distribute or run in-house apps on iOS

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Only a few days after Apple removed the application Facebook Research iOS, Google took the initiative to close your own application of research audience, Screenwise Meter, of the business program of Apple for internal testing of iOS applications. Of course, that decision was taken after TechCrunch reported on the existence of this application.

And now, a latest report claims that Apple has prevented that Google can distribute and run your internal applications of iOS on your corporate network, after the research of TechCrunch found that the giant of search was abusing the certificates of permission.

In this regard, a spokesman of Google said that they were “working with Apple to fix a temporary interruption of some of our corporate applications of iOS, which we hope will be resolved soon”. For its part, Apple confirmed that, in effect, they were working with Google “to help you reset your enterprise certificate”.


The decision taken by Apple seems to want to communicate to their users that the company is strongly committed to protecting your privacy. For example, the application of Facebook which was removed from iOS, basically performed a follow-up of the data of users between 13 and 35 years of age who had the app installed, seeing what they were doing on your phone and through the internet. According to reports, this was not the only way that Facebook spied on its users. Even paid to participants, many of them minors, prompting even more controversy against the social network because of privacy issues.

The research program named “Project Atlas” looking for users willing to install an application that allowed Facebook access without restrictions to their phones, whether iOS or Android. By giving them this access, people would receive a compensation of $20 per month, in addition to having the opportunity to earn more money as a rates reference. This was confirmed by several publications in social networks.

For its part, the application Screenwise Put Google adopted a similar approach, although it only worked with users of 18 years or more. While these apps revealed what type of information would derive from the users, the explanation is quite extensive, and generally is not read completely before to accept the deal. We should mention that, for the underage users, Facebook said that it requires the permission of the parents in the consent agreement.


Both applications were able to overcome the strict policies of Apple’s App Store by using the Enterprise Program Apple Developer, in which the apps could be distributed to the employees of the company that developed the application. However, it seems that both Google and Facebook were inviting others to participate. Google paid to those users through incentives, like gift cards.

“The iOS app Screenwise Meter should not be operated under the business program of developers of Apple; this was a mistake and we apologize,” said Google in a statement. “We have disabled this app on iOS devices. This application is completely voluntary and always has been. We have been direct with users about the way in which we use your data in this application, we do not have access to encrypted data on devices and applications, and the users may choose not to participate in the program at any time.”

It seems that Google was a little more direct than Facebook on the objectives of this application. According to reports, explained how the program functioned and what kind of data would be collected, but used the Apple program designed for the employees of the company distribute applications to consumers. It is likely that Apple had removed the application if Google had not done it by himself, especially after the story posted by TechCrunch.

It is not a secret that Google and Facebook faced a number of significant negative reactions due to issues of privacy in 2018, and this 2019 is not turning out to be very different until now.

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