Apple must respond to justice for their keyboard butterfly

Despite their attempts, Apple failed to persuade a judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought against it in relation to the flawed “butterfly” keyboard included in some of their laptops.

The lawsuit, filed in may of 2018, ensures that the design of the keyboard launched with laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro from 2015 (this does not include the MacBook Air with the same problem) allowed the dust and the trash will be accommodated under the keys, causing you to stay stuck or to stop working completely.

Although many keyboards can experience similar problems with the time, it has been said that the Apple had a faulty design inherent that resulted in a higher rate of problems, and this was what led to the court action.

District judge Edward Davila of San Jose, California, was the one who took the decision to proceed with the suit, which also accuses the company of not being reimbursed fully to its customers for the costs of the repairs. Apple launched the “butterfly” keyboard in 2015 as part of its efforts to make the device as thin as possible.

In response to the many complaints, Apple launched a special website to show users the way to resolve the problem by holding the laptop at an angle of 75 degrees before spraying the keyboard with compressed air. As a way to vent their frustrations, an annoying user even wrote a song about the particular.

In 2018, the company gave up on a program of repairs for the laptops MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are affected. The program is still in effect, but the keyboards are defective are to be replaced by one that includes a similar mechanism and that, therefore, could present the same failures. Such a situation was also included in the above-mentioned demand.

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