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Apple Music is now available on your Fire TV Amazon

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Apple Music has been making great progress in the united States, ranking now as the service of streaming music payment the most popular of the nation, eclipsing Spotify for the first place.

On Wednesday, the 13th of march, Apple Music announced that it is finally available on TV devices Amazon Fire, which makes it possible for access to the platform through Alexa.

For a long time, there was a great void for many users, not having support for Apple Music devices, smart Amazon. Until November 2018, Apple’s Music was not compatible with anything within the growing ecosystem of Alexa of Amazon. That changed for the first time with the adoption on the part of Apple Music from all the speakers Echo in November, and later with an announcement that the company was working to give support of third-party devices to Alexa. Now, the transition culminated with its availability in devices Fire TV.

It is worth noting that Spotify and other streaming music services have been fully integrated with the devices of Alexa for years, which makes Apple to become a newcomer. It makes sense that Apple initially proves reluctant to offer their music streaming service to the products of the competition. After all, Apple has its own speaker smart HomePod.

However, it is also important for Apple to consider that, if someone has a Fire TV or an Echo, it is likely that, by not having access to Apple Music, decides to subscribe to another service. So, seen in this way, it is a good business decision.

Use Apple Music on the Fire TV is extremely easy. All you have to do is to install the ability (also known as Skill) Apple Music in the application Alexa and is from that moment you can ask Alexa to play your favorite music directly from the device. It is even compatible with the ability to play music in multiple rooms via the Fire TV Cube. If in the past you have enabled Apple Music in an Echo, you will see that is automatically available on your Fire TV without having to do anything.

Lately, Apple has chosen to take a position a bit more open with regard to competition and to the availability of their services in third-party products. Recently, announced that AirPlay 2 will soon hit the devices Roku. This latest announcement is probably a way of ensuring that their rumored television service for streaming that have planned to release this month, is available on multiple devices in addition to the Apple TV.

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