Another bombshell: Google removed Fortnite from the Play Store

The fight of Fortnite with Apple out of the Epic Games of the payment platforms of the app stores also made that the wave arrived to Google, which also pulled the popular app from its Play Store.

“The open ecosystem of Android allows developers to distribute applications across multiple app stores. For the game developers who choose to use the Play Store, we have consistent policies that are fair and keep the store safe for users,” said the company, headquartered in Mountain View.

And he added: “Although Fortnite is still available in Android, we can no longer do so in the Play because it violates our policies. However, we welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with Epic, and bring Fortnite back to Google Play”.

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However, you can still install Fortnite on Android. The own Epic directs visitors to your web site, where you can download the game to through the application Epic Games or via the Samsung Galaxy Store in Samsung devices.

Google has clarified in its terms of conditions, how to operate the games in your application.

“Developers who offer products within a game downloaded from Google Play or that provide access to the content of the game must use the billing built into the app Google Play as a payment method,” he explained.


Just as I had done previously with Apple, Epic Games sued Google for alleged monopolistic practices and anti-competitive in their app store.

The behavior of the technology giant, argued the also responsible for the Unreal engine, breaks the original promise of “open ecosystem” that is attributed to Android, and leaves the consumer with no options, reported Digital Trends.

According to the plaintiff, the violation of the laws, the Sherman and Cartwright of California have allowed Google to build a monopoly and stifle competition in the distribution of Android applications, “using countless barriers, contractual and technical.”

Epic Games takes Google to court for two charges: the monopoly on how to distribute the Android apps and the tax on digital goods from the Play Store, that allows Google to keep 30 percent of every purchase made within applications such as Fortnite.

“In large measure, the demand is identical to the one filed against Apple and is the latest chapter in the campaign of the study of games against the companies behind the two platforms most mobile-large”, added the site.

For Epic Games, “if it were not for the anti-competitive behaviour of Google, the Android ecosystem could be at the height of the promise of open competition, providing users and developers to more innovation, significantly lower prices and a variety of payment platforms”.

The company stressed that it does not seek “monetary compensation” or a “good deal”, but that “precautionary measures that meet the unfulfilled promise of Google: an ecosystem of Android open and competitive environment for all the users and actors of the industry.”

The lawsuit also argues that Google stepped in and blocked a possible agreement between OnePlus and Epic Games. The association would have allowed pre-loading Fortnite on their phones and, therefore, prevent the tax from the Play Store.

A potential similar with LG also could not be materialised because the Korean manufacturer had a contract to “block the download alternative to Google Play Store,” added the same source.

*Updated as of August 14, 2020, the demand for Epic Games against Google

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