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And what about your privacy? Study reveals that your smart tv collects your data

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A study recently conducted by the University of Princeton revealed that the smart tvs that connect to the internet to use services streaming are full of trackers that are dedicated to collect your data; data that, technically, you agree to share the purchase and installation of a device of this class, although the more likely it is that you’re not aware of it or suspect that occurs.

To find out to what degree the smart tvs monitor a home, created a bot that installed thousands of channels on devices, Roku and Amazon Fire. Later, that bot was devoted to act as would a person, looking for contents and playing them back, and found, among other things, that during the commercials they could examine the information that was being collected.

Some data were not particularly private, as the city where you are located or the type of device used; but others of a more sensitive nature, such as the serial number of the device, the WiFi network and more, can be used to identify a specific person. The authors of the study even pointed out that there are channels that send e-mail addresses and the titles of videos watched.

Found trackers in 69 percent of the channels on Roku and 89 percent of the Amazon Fire. Some are from companies such as Google, but others belong to companies that almost nobody has heard of. Although both Roku like Amazon Fire allow users to turn off personalised advertising, this just prevents the monitor your ID for advertising. The rest of the data can still be collected, like it or not.

This is not limited to tvs. Another study, conducted by Northeastern University, examined 81 devices of smart home and discovered that several monitor your movements, your conversations and more, even though you’re not using. The study did tests with the bell Ring of Amazon, and reported that this device does not warn the user that they are being recorded, out of a notice difficult to find amongst the small print of the privacy policy.

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