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Amazon celebrates the fifth birthday of Alexa with deals and even free ice cream

While it would seem that Alexa has been around for much longer, the fact is that only five years have passed since the creation of the intelligent assistant. Just today, 6 November, is his birthday, and Amazon is celebrating with a series of deals in speakers Echo, tablets, watches and several other devices. And those who don’t purchase anything but they also want to join in the celebration, they can even do it to receive a free ice cream, courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon points out that the introduction of Alexa, five years ago was a crucial moment for the artificial intelligence, out of the laboratory, speech technology, and that, in the beginning, I could only perform 13 functions, compared to the over one hundred thousand current applications.

“When we started working on Alexa, the technology did not even exist. While the computer voice was not new, our vision for it (technology that is affordable, always ready, and far-field that it works even in noisy environments) was different”, says Amazon, explaining that today, thanks to work on cutting edge technology such as neural networks, deep learning, transfer, active and not supervised, combined with functions in the cloud, and a modern computer hardware, you can now offer experiences that make life of their customers easier, more convenient and more fun.

What are the offers from Amazon?

As you mentioned, there are some special deals on Amazon to celebrate the birthday, as a savings of $30 dollars on a Echo Dot of the third generation. Also you can get the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with assistance built-in for Alexa with $20 discount, or a smart watch Fitbit Versa 2 available with a plug TP Wifi smartphone gift, which normally costs $20 extra dollars. There are several other deals and discounts, and you can find them all in your special celebration.

But if what you want is endulzarte life, for a limited time, you’ll find several ice cream trucks in a few select cities, where you can receive a free ice cream. Interestingly, the selection is only limited to a choice: favourite flavour of Alexa, which is Mint Microchip. The cities participating in this special include Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and more. And how could it be otherwise, the home city of Amazon, Seattle, will also celebrate the occasion.

People who do not live near the towns mentioned may also participate in the celebration through their devices with Alexa and join in the fun. If you say in a loud voice, “Alexa, happy birthday to you” between now and November 30, you will receive a surprise (not mentioned for not ruining it), but, among other things, you’ll unlock several features and even a musical time with DJ Marshmello.

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