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All the news about the new services and levels of Uber

Uber is constantly trying to maintain its position as one of the travel services shared preferred by the users, with the launch of new features and categories of travel. After providing the popular “Silent Mode”, the company launched a new intermediate level that sits between the service Uber Black top level and the most popular option of Uber X, addition of a new service to transport pets from the home.

But in a news surprise, Uber is entering in the business of delivery of groceries, at least in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Canada. The company announced that it will add the delivery of groceries to its growing list of services, after having purchased a controlling interest in a provider Latin american grocery online called the Cornershop.

These are developments that you should know if you use the services of Uber.

Uber Pet: for your furry friends

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Whether you need to bring your dog to the vet, to the park or to the airport, now your pet can accompany you with the new function Uber Pet.

Previously, passengers had to contact in advance the driver of Uber to inform them that they had brought a dog with them, giving the option to accept or decline pets and cancel the trip. Now, passengers can select the option Uber Pet within the app and as well work with drivers that accept pets and are willing to accommodate furry friends.

The function is available from the 16th of October in selected cities of the united States, including Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay, but is expected to expand to other areas. Passengers will be charged an extra fee for Uber Pet, and the drivers can enable or disable the feature at their discretion.

Uber Comfort: to feel (and sit) at home

Uber is launching a new category called Uber Comfort. As its name suggests, this service offers a few extras that promise to ensure the maximum comfort during your trip, for you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Specifically, if you request a ride in Uber Comfort will guarantee you a car new, medium-size, that have minimum requirements of space to stretch the legs and you feel comfortable, which is perfect if you are high, or if you just want to make sure that not you’re traveling with your knees uncomfortably bent.

Uber Comfort also offers a number of options that you can choose through the app when booking your trip. This includes the ability to apply for an adjustment of temperature so that the interior of the car feel just like what you prefer since you walk. You can also request a “quiet walk” in the event that you need to work, or if you simply don’t have the urge to converse with the driver while you tour the city or you’re headed to your destination. Later in this article we will explain to you in detail what it is about the Silent Mode.

How much does Uber Comfort?

Not yet offered details about the price of Uber-Comfort, but a picture published in the announcement of the company gives us an idea. As you can see in this example, when a trip with the basic service costs $14.80 dollars, rises to $23.97 with Uber X and $31.16 usd with Uber Comfort. It’s not cheap, but could be useful for special occasions.

In addition, it is good to know that the vehicles that offer Uber Comfort are only handled by drivers with a score of 4.85 or higher. The service is already available in the united States.

Quiet comfortable: by Opting for travel without dialogue

lyft aptiv viaje 5000 las vegas man driving in car the city ride share uber getaround zipcar 4 1500x1000There are plenty of reasons why you don’t want or you can talk with the driver during a journey shared. It is possible that you have an urgent commitment to work or just want to immerse yourself in the social networks. Maybe you like to concentrate on your own thoughts or prefer to simply avoid opinions irrelevant on issues insignificant. Of course, it is also likely that you’re cranky or don’t be too sociable.

Irrespective of your answer, if you are a user of the premium service Uber Black, it is now very easy to let you know your driver, you need to avoid the dialog. In the “Conversation” of the application, from today, you’ll find in the section of trip preferences the alternative “Quiet preferred” (“preferably quiet”). Thus, the owner of the steering wheel you will know limited to the greeting and the goodbye.

Other options include “Happy to chat” (“Happy to chat”), which opens the space for something of talk during the trip. If you want to leave everything as is, you can keep the label “No preference” “No preference”).

In addition to eliminating the potential awkwardness of having to interrupt the driver to the middle of their conversation, the feature could encourage users to move on from the most popular service and low-cost Uber X. last year, Lyft has revealed that it had considered a similar feature (described as a “zen Mode”) for service of shared rides, although it has not yet been implemented.

Among other preferences, Uber allowed its customers to the level of Black you select the temperature in the vehicle, ask the driver beforehand helps to carry the baggage, and even extend the waiting period up to 15 minutes at no additional cost.

In other efforts to improve its service, Uber recently launched its program Ride Pass, which offers discounts in the fee for regular users. Lyft also offers an alternative similar to subscription-based, call All-Access Plan (“Access Plan Total”).

Purchase and quick dispensing of articles

servicios y niveles de uber cornershop google

Another of the areas that is being explored is to expand their services towards the delivery of products to supermarkets and, in this context, in October of 2019 announced an agreement to acquire Cornershop. The company offers a service that allows you to purchase online and fast delivery of groceries, among other items, from the retail stores with which they are associated.

The application of cellular operates in Mexico, Chile, Canada and Peru, and their services include a listing of over 160 retailers, including supermarket chains such as Costco Wholesale, Chedraui and Walmart. Founded in 2015, Cornershop has extended their offer of food stores that sell clothes, toys, among other items for the home.

When the realization of the business, whose amounts were not disclosed and which is subject to regulatory approvals, Cornershop will continue to operate under its current leadership. At the beginning of 2019, Cornershop could be acquired by Walmart for US$ 225 million dollars, but regulatory issues prevented the business.

How does Cornershop?

The service allows you to purchase online, or through the apps available for Android or iOS, various household items, but mostly food, and promises to deliver them into your home -or where you know – in less than an hour, with one of their buyers..

First you must explore your favorite stores and choose the product that you need, making specifications as precise as if you were buying. For example, indicate if you want a fruit more mature or that the vegetables are large.

When you make the purchase, the application takes you to close to 85 per cent of the order and, only when the buyer withdraws from the store, you load the charge remaining. Don’t pay commission on the purchase, since it is paid for by the retailer.

Updated by Rodrigo Orellana October 11, 2019.

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