All that we know about WWDC 2019

WWDC 2018

Yes, we know you’re looking forward to the event of march 25, Apple will take place in California. But it is not the only event that the apple bite have planned for the first half of the year.

On the 14th of march, the company announced that its software event, WWDC, where they announce all of the changes that will come to the software of the different products of the company, will take place from 3 to 7 June in San Jose, California.

It is expected that in such event, the reveal of the updates that reach the user interfaces and operating systems that allow you to work with the Mac, Macbook, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPads of the company.

The event is important for developers, because they need to know about the updates of the platform to be able to make the adjustments to their respective programs and provide the necessary support to the users to update their new devices to the latest software. It is expected to reveal iOS 13, which could change the way in which interactuas with your iPhone and iPad. You may also give to know a little more about your platform for augmented reality, as they have been working on a few rumoreados lenses.

Despite the fact that is not always the case, it is possible that the company will also make announcements of hardware. In previous occasions, we have released new products, so we do not rule out that happening this year. Some of the products that could give know are the AirPods 2, a rumored iPad, or a Mac Pro. Also, it is possible to return to talk about or advertise the charging port wireless AirPower that was mentioned almost two years ago to disappear from the radar again.

It is possible that in the event of march reveal some clues about the updates that will be announced at WWDC 2019, since that day, an announcement of the new video platform for streaming from Apple.

The event is usually transmitted by streaming.

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