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All about the series of black humour The House of Flowers Netflix

As part of its effort to continue gaining subscribers among Spanish-speaking audience and to solidify its position in the growing international market, Netflix is betting big on its original productions in Spanish. Below you’ll find everything that is known about the second season of House of Flowers, one of the series that was on everyone’s lips because of its controversial themes, dark humor, and stellar cast. You we warn that there might be some spoilers, so maybe you should watch the first season before reading this article.


“After being without a shop, without money and without a mom, those Of the Mora are ready to stand up, now more broken, the more deranged and with a thirst for revenge”. That is the preamble to the official trailer of the second season of the controversial series from Netflix, that on his first day of being posted on YouTube has already reached almost 40 thousand views in just hours of being launched.

In addition, it unveiled a new poster, which you can see below, with the notable absence of Veronica Castro, who will not return to the series in this second season.

segunda temporada de la casa las flores poster 2


Created and directed by Manolo Caro, is the third original series from Netflix-produced in Mexico. And, after its premiere in August of 2018, Netflix announced the second season for 2019 and a third installment to 2020. Now, the streaming platform officially unveiled the date for the premiere of the second season via a cryptic video on the YouTube channel of Netflix Latin america, where they are shown to several of the main characters, but not to Veronica Castro. In the end, you can see that the second season of this series has as the date of debut global the October 18, 2019.


The streaming platform has had success with series in Spanish filmed in Colombia, Spain and Mexico. Narcos, inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar, is now with a new season; ‘Money Heist’ or The House of Paper, was hailed as one of the best series of robberies and action, and Club Crow‘s, a comedy about the business of football is already in its third season, was so well received that it even spawned a spin-off titled “The Ballad of Hugo Sanchez”.

The company has placed its chips in the international market, where it is showing a higher growth than in the united States. Just when Netflix delivered its financial results revealed that in the second quarter of last year amounted to more than four million new international subscribers in relation to the previous quarter, for a total of 52 million. This is a large increase compared to the growth in the united States, where it was reported just a little over a million in the same period of time, for a total of 51.9 million.


While there is currently a countless productions and broadcasting platforms, the names of those persons who were forerunners in the field of entertainment are part of popular culture. Such is the case of Veronica Castro, who from his beginnings as an actress in telenovelas and mexican movies wowed the audiences with his enigmatic eyes clear, but also being the protagonist of a series of controversies during his decades of public service career.

Such disputes seem to feed the fire that drives one of the more recent proposals of Netflix in Spanish, which is already in full production of its second season. This is from the series “House of Flowers”, a black comedy in which, surrounded by an all-star cast, Veronica Castro plays the role of a wealthy matriarch who tries to maintain the image of perfect family, then that the lover of her husband takes a radical decision to air the dirty laundry and bringing to light their darkest secrets.

The title of the series is derived from a business to customers of high lineage, a florist, precisely so called, of which the family Of the Blackberry is proprietary; but at the same time, it is discovered that the husband of Virginia (the character played by Verónica Castro), also was the owner behind the backs of his family of other business, but much more cloudy, that wore the same name. In addition, each chapter of the first season bears as title the name of a flower, as a symbolism of the topics that are discussed in its plot.


The new season of the series mexican came out of the confines of Mexico and moved up to the old continent. The production has already started his recordings in Madrid, where Cecilia Suárez, Paco León, and the director, Manolo Caro, as shown in an image released by Netflix Spain.

In it, the actress Cecilia Suárez, who plays Paulina de la Mora in the series mexican, appears walking on a street of Madrid. His character became an icon viral , generating an endless stream of funny memes, and being mimicked by many, due to its monotonous and peculiar way of speaking. Precisely, Netflix takes advantage of this fun feature for a publication in the social networks.

“Ca-si-sin-dar-se-cuen-ta-e-ran-ma-dri-le-ñas.@cecilia_suarez he is in Spain filming the second season of #LaCasaDeLasFlores,” reads the post of the streaming platform.

But it’s not just Netflix shared the good news of the shooting of the second season of “house of flowers”, but Manolo Caro, the director of the series, like Cecilia Suárez and Paco León, also did so in their accounts of Instagram. The message that accompanies the picture posted by the director just said, “you promised! Paulina de la Mora walking down the gran via. I pulled off!”

I BACK to THE D. F.!

After the production of the second season of House of Flowers was moved to early February to Spain, where he filmed several scenes of the series and causing a stir to see how Paulina de la Mora walked down the Gran Via of Madrid, now, the all-star cast led by Cecilia Suárez (Paulina de la Mora), Aislinn Derbez (Elena Mora), Dario Yazbek (Julian de la Mora), Arturo Rios (Ernesto Mora), Juan Pablo Medina (Diego), Luis de la Rosa (Bruno) and Paco León (María José) has returned to Mexico City to continue with the shoot.


In this second season of the series, some familiar faces join the cast. Such is the case of actress Mariana Trevino, who rose to fame for her role as Elizabeth Iglesias at the comedy Club of Crows, who will integrate playing Jenny Quetzal, a peculiar impartidora of “courses” that claims to be able to change the life to the one who crosses his path.

“Return to filming the House of The Flowers in Mexico I filled with emotion, and we face a season most hilarious and daring. To have Mariana Trevino in the cast is, for me, the perfect analogy, the return home, to work with my professional family,” said Manolo Caro, the creator of the series.

For her part, Mariana Treviño added: “it will Always be a pleasure to work with Manolo, whom I love and admire. I’d love to be a part of that universe hiperkinético and great. Always together and in collusion.” The cast also incorporate María León, Eduardo Rosa, Loreto Peralta, Flavio Medina, Anabel Ferreira, and a special performance by Eduardo Casanova.


In a conversation some months ago with String 3, the creator and director of the series explained that in the second season the family Of The Delinquent may be able to recover the florist, but also respond to the outstanding questions after the episode 13. “What will happen with Pauline and Mary Joseph? Do Elena and Claudio will clarify your feelings? Does Chiquis will destroy the flower shop of the Mulberry? What awaits you at the cabaret? What happened to the ring of the great-grandmother? This and other questions are the possible theme of the second season,” the director said.

Let us remember that, at the end of the last episode of the first season, the matriarch of the family Of The Blackberry leaves a farewell letter after losing his business, and leaves in his Mercedes silver with unknown direction, while her husband Ernesto, and her boyfriend of youth, Dr. Cohen, is facing to regain his love.


Still unknown is the rotation that will take the history of the house of The flowers in this second season. Similarly occurs with the release date of the same. The only thing known for certain is the absence of Veronica Castro in this new stage, who declared several months ago that did not come to an understanding with the director of the series.

“So you gave it to them. Was already agreed to and then call me to make a few chapters, nothing more and appear with her pure voice, so I said that so no. Or is everything, or is anything, you know that’s the way I am. It is a definitive ‘no’, so it was already,” said Veronica Castro to The Trade.

Only time will tell if the series will keep the attention of the public with the absence of one of their main characters. We will keep you informed with the latest news.

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