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All about the deployment of the network 5G in Latin America

If there is a concept that is everywhere that is the deployment of the network 5G. And it is not for less, because it is a great breakthrough that we have long been waiting to be able to try, as soon as possible, its multiple advantages. But of course, the deployment of the network, 5G is not only limited to some more mature markets, technologically speaking, as the united States. For this reason, below, will tell you everything about the deployment of the network 5G in Latin America.

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The first country

In fact, the first country which has announced a commercial deployment of the network 5G has been Uruguay. In this case, this advance is possible thanks to a compromise with the government operator Antel.

So, on the 9th of April, the Presidency of Uruguay announced the deployment of a network to 5G in the hand of Antel, with commercial service in the town of bar and the municipality of Nueva Palmira.

However, the Government of Uruguay knows the importance of this powerful network and, therefore, has planned in the short term to continue with the deployment to cover the rest of the country, especially taking into account the devices and phones 5G will not arrive too much in getting to the various markets.

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 But even though Uruguay was the first country in Latin America, that doesn’t mean that going to be the only one, but quite the opposite.

According to José Otero, vice president for Latin America of 5G Americas, “the network 5G is already a reality in Latin America. And, following the example of Uruguay, we will soon see new advertisements of networks 5G in the region, bringing more benefits for the Latin american users as connection speeds and lower latency in their data services and the Internet”.

Union public-private

However, as he recalls Otero, “to facilitate the arrival of this new technology and to ensure that these benefits materialize as soon as possible, it is necessary that the public and the private sector to collaborate on key aspects for the present and the future of telecommunications.”

What Hill is referring to is that, for a deployment of the actual network 5G in Latin America is necessary in the “identification, cleaning and allocation of the new frequencies of radio spectrum that will be used for the removal of obstacles and delays in obtaining permits for the construction of infrastructure, and the facilitation of access to devices 5G in terms of affordability for the citizens of Latin america”.

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