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Alexa more empathetic: now his voice spread excitement or disappointment

alexa dice frase tenebrosa amazon echo night

Google plays with the fact of replacing the voice of his Assistant by some singer or famous actor, and Amazon wants to take things a little further with Alexa, because it enables a function for his assistant to respond with excitement or disappointment to your various requests.

The new feature is only available in the united States, for the time being. It is understood that the responses with the tone happy, will give more with everything that has to do with answering any of the trivia or game correctly, while the other, when you ask to Alexa on the outcome of your favorite team and this is not favorable.

“In addition, you can make it respond in a style of speech that is most suitable for a specific type of content (such as news and music)”, precise the technology.

Below, some examples of Amazon on the level of “emotion” that can reach Alexa, which is enabled in hundreds of products of the firm and of third parties.



Medium intensity




Medium intensity


Amazon refers to the emotions of Alexa are based on the technology of Neural TSS (NTTS), which allows your speech to be more natural.

“The comments of early users indicated overall satisfaction with the experience of voice increased by 30 percent when Alexa answered with emotions” emphasizes the signature.

Finally, the company invites developers to adopt the new emotions and speaking styles, as well as share your comments in the corresponding forum.

The presence of Alexa

At present, the digital assistant is capable of controlling more than 85,000 smart devices, from headphones to tvs, plus you can run more than 100,000 skills.

Your next very big step will be to move from a passive interaction to a proactive, to anticipate what the user might want to and that will become a companion omnipresent in his life, in accordance with statements of Rohit Prasad, the chief scientist of Alexa, to MIT Technology.

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