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After watching live football in 4K resolution, my life changed completely

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I had the opportunity to see for the first time a football game live and in definition 4K. The clarity of the image of the Manchester City vs. Brighton Hove Albión was unprecedented. It was so good that I stopped to see a match of my favorite team that only had high-definition in its transmission; in essence, the HD looked fuzzy in comparison.

May think I’m exaggerating when I say this, but do you remember the first time you saw a sporting event in HD? how were able to return to seeing normal definition without problems? I, at least not, and that day was a turning point and the day may 12, was also.

The streaming service FuboTV offers a service in beta to all of its subscribers where some of the sports events can be viewed in 4K. At the moment, only strings as Fox Sports and NBCSN offer these select events, and as far as we know FuboTV is the only one that I can carry on streaming.

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Obviously you need to have the proper equipment to be able to see live sports in 4K. Yes, you guessed it: you need a television that has capabilities to 4K and HDR. In Digital Trends in English, we have several articles that explain what is the HDR. In addition, you need a box or device for streaming with the resolution of 4K, in my case I used an Apple TV with 4K and a TV LG 70 inch 4K and HDR.

But believe me the experience is worth the expense of equipment. The colors are crisp, every detail is visible and in essence, the reality of 4K is a difficult thing to overcome. Obviously nothing will replace being in a stadium, but in this particular case, the party was thousands of miles away from where I live, and the 4K is the closest to being there.

I could not take off my eyes of the images for the 90 minutes that lasted the encounter. Now, the hd seems to of the last century and we don’t have more options but to wait for the 4K be the standard transmission. However, in Japan, are already broadcasting in 8K, and I guess, that must be an experience of another world.

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